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    BoardShorts Log

    Looking solid bro. Good shit
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    My Shredd cycle discussion

    I've always gotten the best results from Tren with Carbs involved. One of Trens best features is its nutrient partitioning, so why miss out on that by restricting carbs so much? I've done Keto before and I get why people like it but i hate it on cycle. I feel like youd get more out of your...
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    My Shredd cycle discussion

    Keto and Tren just doesn't mix man. I'd reconsider it
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    Another lil TD !

    That Mast/Tren Blend is 🔥🔥🔥 Love that stuff
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    🦸*🦸* Monster Transformation Contest 2019💪💪

    What did you adjust your adex dosing to? Just curious, been having trouble dialing my adex dosage in to avoid acne.
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    Wait we have to use those payment options for this sale?
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    Expiration Dates

    Most of the vials dont expire until 2020 which is tons of time but assuming you store it in a cool dark place, does it ever really expire or loss potency? Talking about Test specifically
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    Painful lump after test E

    You're fine dude. Stop rubbing it though, just heat it and give it time. It will go down. I had similar issue when I hit new spot in my quad. Painful lump, red and giving off heat. If it doesnt improve in a few days or you start noticing other symptoms like fatigue and fever go to the doctor
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    Fuck yea
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    Monster Primo

    Masteron will give you that dry paper skin look if you're lean enough. It'll also make you super horny and it puts me in a good mood. CmI cant run Tren without Mast nor would I ever want to. Gotta watch out for DHT sides though
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    1st Comp prep Log

    Following. Good luck bro!
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    $1800 Monster Lotto Winner

    Definitely jealous. Congrats bro
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    Monster Meal Maker

    The insta pot is awesome. I like to brown the meat in my air fryer before tossing it in. Works awesome on Ribs and Ox Tails
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    Monster Sale 20% Off

    Test E, Deca, EQ, Winny and Clen. Just a small one, lol
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    Updated Monster Mega Lotto Extravaganza!

    Entered. Same numbers
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    Monster Sale 20% Off

    Just put one in. Thanks Monte
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    Mast/tren blend question...

    I pinned this MWF. Ran this with the Goldline Test E/C Blend and it was perfect
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    Adex Color

    Just checking, thanks for confirming
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    Adex Color

    Just curious about this. My last bag of Adex tabs were dark green and my recent order they are white. That normal?