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  1. Myvirtue

    My Virtue's: "Forged by Fletcher" (Sponsored by Hammer & Bell) Transformation Log

    Day 59 Complete. Hey ASF Fam. I've been really busy lately, so I haven't had much time online. Between school, work, the gym, eating, and sleeping, my schedule is packed. I took a rest day from the gym yesterday, but on Wednesday, I focused on training shoulders. Today, my workout was centered...
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    New here

  3. Myvirtue

    Dick not working on tren

    I would Stop taking tren. Have you tried viagra or cialis?
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    New guy here!

    Wow, That's a lot. Have you run any of the compounds before? What's your nutrition intake like? Welcome sir!
  5. Myvirtue

    NPP vs. Deca-Durabolin

    Different esters
  6. Myvirtue

    Need help with sourcing asap

    Wes is the Man!
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    Brock Lesnar's Daughter

  8. Myvirtue

    Facebook Marketplace

    That reminds me of the woman on the news blaming the govt not giving her enough money for her 9 kids but didn't want to work.
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    New Member

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    New here, but not to the game

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    GTA 6

    Really excited about this but how can you release a trailer when it's not coming out for at least a year? Should be a teaser.
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    New B

    Welcome Ray
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    2nd cycle

    It is recommended to incorporate at least two days of rest per week into your workout routine. Continuous exercise for 60 days straight can be mentally taxing, so allowing yourself adequate rest can bring about noticeable improvements in terms of both physical changes and muscle growth. Taking...
  14. Myvirtue

    My Virtue's: "Forged by Fletcher" (Sponsored by Hammer & Bell) Transformation Log

    Day 56 Complete Good evening ASF Fam. Another day in the books. My allergies are kicking my ass, and in school, I felt like a leaky faucet. Today's workout was legs, and I went all out. My knees didn't give me any issues, so I really maxed out weight today. Afterwards, I walked 2 miles, and my...
  15. Myvirtue

    My Virtue's: "Forged by Fletcher" (Sponsored by Hammer & Bell) Transformation Log

    Thank you, sir, Just taking it day by day. Sometimes I have to sit back and pray and just be thankful for the things I have, We all have our moments but I appreciate everyone's support here.
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    First timer

    Don't forget to post in new members' introduction. A lot of veterans here will take the time to share valuable information. @Fletcher has helped me tremendously Welcome
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    Jbswole40 life log

    Please do. I have about 25 lbs of chicken breast in my freezer.
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    What you eating tonight?

    little overcooked.
  19. Myvirtue

    First timer

    yes, and trt is forever. You don't cycle off. Hgh as well as long as you can afford it.