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  1. SmokEater

    Aas that should not be stacked together

    test, eq, and npp I never have any issues at all and I think id say its my favorite cycle as well
  2. SmokEater

    Prep on Gear church

    Damn holy shit! solid work man
  3. SmokEater

    AZTECA GOLD Labs Test C 180mg/ week 1444ng/dl 8x multiplier

    Damn ! some solid results
  4. SmokEater

    AZTECA GOLD LABS Fall + Winter SALE **STARTS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!**

    sale might be over but still great prices tbh
  5. SmokEater

    The promo TD landed!

    What a damn good deal! $30 for all of this? What a wild promo. The vials that are out of the box’s came to me open and leaking so I let John know and he immediately sent replacements. And not only did they replace the 6 that were leaking but they sent 4 extra for the hell of it. I’m super...
  6. SmokEater

    King lab test results.

    Im pulling the trigger on them soon so its good to see this, thanks for the post man!
  7. SmokEater

    Pre Cycle check list (Do you think you're ready)

    Exactly what I think anytime I hear another dumb shit who has taken sarms once or twice say they are about to blast a bunch of tren
  8. SmokEater

    Hello ASF Community!

    Has anyone had trouble getting these guys to respond to you? Who is their rep?
  9. SmokEater

    Saying Hi. + My Cycle

    Welcome brother! I get it... SARMS are easy to take.. if you are going to be running sarms then having a test base will be helpful as the sarms will shut down your natural test production. First off, I would get in the gym and get your BF % down and get an actual structure going between...
  10. SmokEater

    New To The Board

    Im new as well, your gonna love this forum. Welcome brother !
  11. SmokEater

    ***Fall Sale 2023***

    Damn!! Hell ya ill be ordering
  12. SmokEater

    Fall/Winter cycle

    750 test 600 eq 75-100 NPP EOD maybe some injectable Dbol here & there
  13. SmokEater

    New customers get 30% off at Monster!

    Dont have one yet brother, didn't submit the order since I was trying to figure all this out first.
  14. SmokEater

    IronLion Orange Tops

    As someone new to this forum and is searching through all the sponsors, this helps a lot! Thanks for the review brother
  15. SmokEater

    Xmas in July. First of many IronLion TDs

    Very nice !
  16. SmokEater

    New customers get 30% off at Monster!

    So I actually tried using the EZ30 code and it didn't seem to work? It said it was invalid. But, im thinking maybe it's because I didn't make a profile on Monsters website yet? Just thought about that...
  17. SmokEater

    New guy in town

    Now that's a welcome! I appreciate y'all!! I can tell you guys have made an badass family here. Makes me even happier I found ASF 💯
  18. SmokEater

    New customers get 30% off at Monster!

    Shit I know I just replied to your new customer 20% off post... just saw this though.. lol still a thing? 🤔. Thanks for any info brother