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    New on cycle support TD

  2. cdubw44


    In honor of my favorite mentor "bike chain oil"
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    The Retarded Pant-Shitter

    I'm still in the all politics suck category.
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    Post music that’s yor feeling.

    You need more punk in your life.
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    Hello all! First cycle or should we call baby cycle.

    You don't need the anavar or winny save those for later. Test anywhere from 300 to 500 is fine, I am not a big titrate guy but yes you can up the dose incrementally. Diet - blood work?
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    Dougs' craZy Bulk cycle

    Eating contest everyday! Fun huh.
  7. cdubw44

    Winny vs Tbol for athletes

    Winny for some ungodly reason is by far my favorite sports performance drug. Seems like fast twitch muscle fibers just fire faster.
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    My wife threw away my meals

    Week old rice does get a little chunky. Had to douse that stuff in soy.
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    And Who Have You Pissed Off Today..??

    Currently holding it in this morning! Don't know how long I can hold it but I have some fantastic jokes in my head.
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    Sunrise Cialis Friday “Weekly Giveaway”

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    Oh I can do that too. Na` ✓®©π§∆aà tacos % original "go fuck yourself"

    Oh I can do that too. Na` ✓®©π§∆aà tacos % original "go fuck yourself"
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    Bad gear question...

    Could be raws - could be the ester - could be the dudes. Only real way to tell would be to send it off for testing and make sure he does the bacteria count thing. Wait I want to hang out Bolan
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    Bad gear question...

    Yeah 1ml is going to hurt. To tuff to tell with high concentration. Couldn't really blame the ugl either due to way to many variables. Hopefully the get better. Side note to other guys (newbie's) seeing the 500 test and think it's awesome- don't pin 1ml at once. Fill to 1/3 or 1/4 with your...
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    Bad gear question...

    Did they mix it with any other drug or just straight 1ml test 500? Are these seasoned guys? Did Advil or Tylenol ( can't remember which one you should take) not help? Is this in glute or thigh?
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    💪Bicep check-in, let's see those fuckin Arms💪

    Yep took forever for separation to come in. I just hope I can hold it cutting down.
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    Funny Joke Thread

    What's another name for Cumming in a woman? Loading the dishwasher
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    5 mile run.

    Kinda intrigued about the thought process here! Did you think you were back in college or highschool days and go oh yeah I got this? Or did you think 7 min mile so 7x5 = 35 mins of cardio= no problem. How many miles before the chic picked you up?
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    SB Labs🔥Tren Hex Log💉CockBody Time🚀🚀. Shredded to the Bone🏋‍♀️

    My wife did that so I forever banned her from apps.
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    Jbswole40 life log

    Are we cutting or bulking? Cutting just evoo - bulking sauce that shit up