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    If I can get Skip to stfu we would get going faster
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    Bye bye phil

    Listen Thursday to Blood, Sweat & Gearz podcast to the "BLACK" NFL player on the podcast enlighten you...
  3. s2h

    Bye bye phil

    He had a NFL players 100k braclet and never returned it or compensated him for it per contract....along with a bunch of other debts owed and not small debts.. That make sense??
  4. s2h

    Bye bye phil

    Stole a NFL players bling and I owe I owe it's off to hide I go(from the babies mama)...
  5. s2h

    Bye bye phil

    Well atleast a dead beat dad and high end watch crook wont be the winningest Mr O..turds form in all facets of life..
  6. s2h

    What does HGH really do?

    There are two types of IGF-1...endocrine which is secreted from the liver naturally and autocrine/paracrine IGF-1 which enters the blood stream from a exogenous source... Endocrine IGF-1 is not effected by glucose or insulin except with prolonged use...its primary effect is increased...
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    Cut mix

    50mg Test P eod 75mg Mast P eod 100mg Tren A eod 100mg Proviron eod 12.5mg Aromasin eod Run those compounds and ratios for a cut....
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    Need Feed back on This cycle

    Run 750mg to 1g of test a week for 8 weeks then 200mg for 4 weeks then repeat...3iu of gh for 7 days and then go to 3iu eod after that 7 days of ed.. And im oils are active in the blood stream within hours of injection...the 3-4 weeks to kick in is parrot talk
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    Anyone paying Alimony?

    Move to a state that doesnt have alimony...or better dont get married ..
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    how would like to die????

    While jerking off to 80's retro HD of course ..
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    Balls big enough?

    The stuff taste like ass...but if you have a sore throat and gargle it(and not puke)it works asap....oh and you get some really nasty gas.
  12. s2h

    UK Court gives death sentence to Freedom fighter Tommy Robinson

    The UK is a mess...cant own a gun but they have the city with the highest murder rate per capita in Loundon..
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    Cabo sells shit underdosed gearz

    Of insulin choices...Lantus is the worst choice unless your a Type 2 diabetic...just go get some Humalin-r from Wally world and call it a day... Problem solved ...
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    Weirdest sauna smell ????

    That's a cold front...
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    Is it worth dying for?

    The only thing worth dieing for is 72 virgins...more hajis need to follow this plan...I'm sure the goats, donkeys, camels and man love thursday youth would approve of it..
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    Grade my skills!

    How much to build me a rocking chair ?
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    Our Brainless Leader

    Thank you Anderson Cooper for the can now return to sucking dick...
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    Our Brainless Leader

    Obama sucked at Golf....and sucked at it while playing with NBA players while Americans were dieing in Benghazi
  19. s2h

    Our Brainless Leader

    How much Russian money went to the Clinton Foundation(scam fund)? 1.2 billion...
  20. s2h

    Back in Black

    I guess that's a subjective opinion TG - - - Updated - - - Guns, God and Country