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  1. Marisol1973

    Tren after 50

    I'm 50. I run curently Test/masteron combo 400wk and TriTren 300wk. Great cut cycle. Sides insomnia only, restless sleep.
  2. Marisol1973

    Need Help (DHB)

    DHB shine on 500 or above. Possible PIP. Need test base. No sides.
  3. Marisol1973

    Test/Masteron/TriTren/TBol cycle

    Nevermind, I was not asking for cure, just reporting ... a bit of restles sleap wont kill me hahah, but boy, do I see a progress, shit man, its great. My diet is low cal now, and constant hunger is hard to bare. So my edginess is conected with diet, not tren, as before I was edgy on low calorie...
  4. Marisol1973

    Test/Masteron/TriTren/TBol cycle

    I've said all about tri tren at the beginning of post. Mostly torelable. A bit of insomnia, nothing too much, well for me at least. Tren E kicked my butt previously.
  5. Marisol1973

    Test/Masteron/TriTren/TBol cycle

    I've used Tbol before, its mild, drying compound, not to harsh to liver. I'm using 60 ed now, split into 2 doses daily, it taken too late before sleep gives me acid reflux. Nice addon to cut cycle.
  6. Marisol1973

    Test/Masteron/TriTren/TBol cycle

    For sure, I'm not a spring flower, hiting 50 this summer. I wanted to see whats all that fass about tren going around. My dosings were always moderate, newer above 400 wk. I can manage that. Blodwork I've done 2 weeks ago was aceptable, nothing was seriously out of range. Suplements and AS...
  7. Marisol1973

    Test/Masteron/TriTren/TBol cycle

    Now, 45 days into cycle, tren insomnia and night sweats kicked in. Shit. I was side effect free for over 5 weeks. But the cycle is doing great! Leaner, dryer, more vascular and keeping the same weight.
  8. Marisol1973

    Tren Help

    Did Tren E up to 400wk, messed me up. Did Tren A up to 400wk, messed me up. Now I'm the middle of cycle with TriTren, 300wk. Its combo of E, A, Hex. And its great!!! Smoothest Tren cycle I had.
  9. Marisol1973

    Test/Masteron/TriTren/TBol cycle

    4 weeks ago I started this cycle: TestE Masteron combo 400wk TriTren 300 wk (a, e, hex) Tbol 50 ed Now, just as info, I already used Tren E once, up to 400 wk and I did have some Tren sides, night sweats, insomnia, lethargy.... but no rage or cough. This TriTren I'm using for over a month now...
  10. Marisol1973

    Is DHB a good alternative to Tren?

    To get most out of DHB you have to go over 500/600 mg week. Unfortunetly DHB is low % in volume usualy 100mg/ml... even with low concentration can give you bad pip. I used it for 2 cycles, cut, 500 wk, and it is acting as drying compound, it will peal you down decently, if you can manage lot of...
  11. Marisol1973

    First cycle advise

    You know test will shut down your natural production!? Ensure you have all for proper PCT. One cycle will not screw you up, you're young, you can bounce bak even without PCT just takes longer. But be sure, several cycles will shut you down permanently. Research...
  12. Marisol1973

    When disaster strikes!

    I'm reading this 3 years old thread with tears in my eyes. 3 years passed and all this is in fading memory. And I'm glad to say, I bounced back. I was depresed for first 6 months, but then I sad, no more. Was using croutches for 10 months, I ditched them at December. 3 months after last...
  13. Marisol1973

    Debate #6...DHB...

    I was taking it with Test E only, no orals, no other compounds. Find no sides what so ever.
  14. Marisol1973

    Source check

    I've had more then 15 orders from them, gtg
  15. Marisol1973

    First cycle experience(s)

    Test E 350 (!?) did 500 wk, higher concentration contributed to serious PIP. It was delivered to me by some fuzzy guy, power lifter, made whoknowswhere, no label but properly sealed in vials. PCT followed. I was amased and asking my self why I did not do this before!? Remembwring first pinnings...
  16. Marisol1973

    Viagra? Cialis? Other?

    5mg EP cialis daily and I' am good to go ... anytime anywhere :)
  17. Marisol1973

    Debate #6...DHB...

    I'm here man, but not too active onboard .. bussy chasing gains :)
  18. Marisol1973

    Debate #6...DHB...

    That mind state we all have is scientificaly called Bigorexia. It is oficialy recognised as mental disorder. Means we're all loonies hahaha I used DHB @600 wk, and in adition on 500 test wk is a LOT of oil to inject ... if you inject 2x wk it comes to 4ml volume per sringe, fuck! It is efective...
  19. Marisol1973

    Stenbolone vs Primo vs EQ vs NPP vs Tren - which do you prefer and why? How about DHB?

    DHB was great. Ads bascularity and roundness to muscle. Problem is its concetration in oil, only 100mg/ml. And you have to use 500-600 min per wk. Combine that with Test, and sudenly you have 4-5ml to inject.
  20. Marisol1973

    EP cialis log

    I can relate/confirm this. Been using 5mg ED for last year and more, lowering BP and constantly ready for the business. 1/4 (5mg) pill is enough to take every day not to be cought unready when she suprises me with invitation. Sometimes when no kids arround I take whole pill 20mg and double...