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    New Sponsor: Inno Peptides - First sales !!!

    Interest is peaked but curious on how solid your product is. Sometimes 'fuck around and find out' doesn't always sit well if you know what I mean.
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    AlanDomestic.La Best Boob Contest

    I yesss. Already have the winning pussy pic ready to go... 😏🤣
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    AlanDomestic.La Best Boob Contest

    LMAO. Can't forget the anime boobs! 🤣
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    AlanDomestic.La Best Boob Contest

    Side boob. I never get tired of looking at this one.
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    PT141 Usage and Dosage

    Fairly straight forward there bud, use the syringe to take the bacteriostatic h20 out and put it into the vial with the puck. Gently add the water (don't squirt too hard, people will argue this will wreck the product. yes or no why risk it). You'll likely add all of the h20 sent, from there its...
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    Bremelanotide (PT141) - Feedback (Increase Libido/Sexual Desire)

    I'm curious about your full pt-141 experience. Was it a 1 and done? Full dose? I'd go the MT2 route as I can vouch for the ridiculously hard erections (seriously wild, no complaints) but I have these, let's call them freckles that get very dark when I have an MT2 tan which look highly unnatural...
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    SPS Contact Information

    There seems to be an issue with your site link. Redirects to several random foreign sites.
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    Sarms - something for everyone - basic info and stacks

    I see this is an old post but curious if you were you able to work in the S23? Seriously considering supplementing with sarms to aid in a leaner bulk.
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    Props to some great gear. Im curious, how often do you shoot that launch blend? Ive strictly used enanthate but looking for something faster acting without pinning everyday.
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    New to the forum world. Looking to take my growth to a new level. Pumped to learn more from the vets/pros. Been going hard at the gym about 2 yrs now, nothing serious other than continually trying to improve. 29 years old, 6'1", 185 lbs. 6% BF I became interested in steroids about 6 months...