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  1. Pipelinesteve4

    3 Grey top pures auction

    So is it only a dollar at a time or and full dollar amount and no change?
  2. Pipelinesteve4

    awesome RAWS

    All the raw I have tried have been the same way. Right on point. Very good quality and melting points hit right on with in a degree or 2.
  3. Pipelinesteve4

    hgh ...??

    Ironlion is awesome stuff man. 100% real
  4. Pipelinesteve4

    Spring is in the air and saving are at Ironlion

    Sweet. Time to stock up. Just in time to blow my tax return.
  5. Pipelinesteve4


    Yup fda robbed me a week ago. Hope this fda crap doesn't become a frequent occurence. They got me pretty good for some kits
  6. Pipelinesteve4

    LabsMD results time

    Having patience is hard
  7. Pipelinesteve4

    LabsMD results time

    I think the test you got makes a difference on how long results takr
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    Oh come on. You could afford that little bit of pocket change.
  9. Pipelinesteve4

    This is why we can't take cross-fit serious (record attempt)

    Well get him into it. Crossfit games winner get 250k and a ton of sponsorships. Everybody love money.
  10. Pipelinesteve4

    back to work now

    Maybe next time contact a rep with your problem before you publicly do something like this. Like you were told last time.
  11. Pipelinesteve4

    ironlion labs? which gh?

    Puretropin. Get those. That's what you see bloods for everywhere.
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    Makes you more aggressive and Hella strong real fast. No size directly from it but the strength can help you break plateaus. Changing your training Can also break plateaus but halo will make it happen fast.
  13. Pipelinesteve4

    Prostate Issues?

    That is possibly an internal hemroid. My good friend had one. It was horrible. He said it felt like getting hit with a baseball bat in the balls. He couldn't walk. Went to the emergency room and they found it.
  14. Pipelinesteve4

    Paleo diet – Make sure to take these supplements as well

    Nice article big guy. I actually love paleo for cutting fast. Awesome part is bacon in any diet is for me :winkfinger:
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    Mick's true colors surfacing...

    Yeah they also don't charge sponsors to be on the forum. So for them to voluntarily supply prizes for a contest is a small price to pay one time to freely advertise their gear.
  16. Pipelinesteve4

    Going to Atlantic city anyone been??

    Don't get drunk and wonder out of the tourist areas. Mostly shitty neighborhoods around there. Easy way to lose your shoes and wallet.
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    McDouche's Powerlifting Log

    I keep the reps to 10 in between sets. I do sets of 100 reps for actual work with the wheel so it is just keeping the stomach primed at 10 reps. Performance is number 1 for me. Try to hit a 750 deadlift at the end on my strength cycle. Hopefully have a 650 squat with it only wear belt and I just...
  18. Pipelinesteve4

    McDouche's Powerlifting Log

    Yes I felt way more stable and strong from doing it. I'm going to run it before 5 rep max squats tomorrow and see if I can't crush another pr
  19. Pipelinesteve4

    McDouche's Powerlifting Log

    Stole your core warmup for deadlifts last week and the week before. Set 2 really nice pr's. Never really thought to warm up that way for some reason. I added small sets of ad wheel between set and this kept my stomach tight and ready.