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    Why you should use Proviron or Masteron with Tren (the benefits) NEW LAB RESULTS 2-14-23

    This is the first cycle in 20 years I have added this compound and have found all that was discussed here to be spot on!
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    Remedy for dry joints

    I’m going into week 3 of a blast that includes 400mg Deca and I will second that my aches and pains are almost nonexistent. Except for some forearm pain that I think is carpal tunnel it’s amazing the difference.
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    Look at her pooper

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    Good News

    Very cool! Thats a bad ass chick!
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    My cycle thread TestC/Deca/Mast/Dbol and… (48yrs Old)

    You know what, I’m going to do just that. It will keep my levels even more balanced and thank you!!
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    Just Need A Break

    IF…if you want to, feel free to share the issues, it’s kinda my profession to listen. It just may hep.
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    Just Need A Break

    Brother, I can relate from the loved-one’s side. My wife is a cancer survivor and beat it twice. While she was battling, I went through my own battle and its not the same at all but still hard as fuck to watch someone you love hurting. Therapy for her and for you would be my suggestion. Humans...
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    My cycle thread TestC/Deca/Mast/Dbol and… (48yrs Old)

    Y’all been a huge help getting back on track so I’m going to use this thread to gather data going forward. Here are my stats: 48yrs old, 190lbs, 5’8”, fatty to the degree of belly and back fat that I can still hide if I don’t tuck my shirt in, but that’s not even a thing anymore so….(turn...
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    Like an old worn out douche bag...

    They can have Portland for all I care, arm pit of the country. However, when the pussification of these mama’s boy, hot Cheetos eatin, libtards start to push anywhere close to my state, we here already know what will happen. We work for our dollar, most have served, have owned guns given to us...
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    Top 11 supplements for growth

    As I was looking around this morning after my workout I came across another post on another site and the user said Creatine is the biggest waste of money if your on gear. Personally I have been using creatine since the 90’s and have faith that a get a good bank for my buck. Pretty sure I wont...
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    New Old Chick

    NY_Angie, glad your here and happy to part of the support you need right now in your life. Please don't hesitate to reach out, I’m happy to help. I work in trauma and loss and have some suggestions to strengthen the thought and emotional life after all you have been through. Peace. Lang
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    New member, have a quick question

    Welcome! You’ll get the learning you’ll need to be effective and safe if you hang out, participate and most important, do your homework and follow those who’ve already done what you wanna do!
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    Hello ASF

    Welcome brother! This is a great community and from one old vet to another, you’re among friends! Lang
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    Defining Real Life Tren/Roid "Rage" and why I am leaving my wife thanks to it

    Dude, so sorry this is happening for you. No one deserves to be in a relationship where hurt and pain is the currency. Maybe get into a relationship with a therapist wither their weight? Support at times like these can prove to be invaluable. As for the BPD the best way to handle threats like...
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    Should I be worried

    It’s a general rule in nursing and prevents inflammation at the injection site.
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    Anyone else's wives like mine?

    You just shared the most important part of the story, you are in a FUNK. Not sure where you are in your life, age, job/career, etc, but making a purchase of 35k is a big deal when you have the money, but making a 35k loan is bigger and arguably a bad decision. Have it been around the block a few...
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    Should I be worried

    That is the thing I don’t hit the non-dominant side…just don’t roll like that. It’s another site that can offset the rotation and give a break to honey spots! Best to you little bro! You are looking great and don’t listen to the negative shit. Keep your power by letting the words hit floor. Rock On!
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    Vaccine Mandates

    This fucking CUNT is so impaired he can’t read the smallest of teleprompter messages. “Today I’m calling on country….more companies I should say…” This is a Freudian slip connected to his New World Order” bullshit. Tell me, how is it that we can move forward with this vax when over 4000 people...
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    Should I be worried

    Been using 25x1 for the past two decades and hitting my delts regularly without issue. One thing to keep in mind is quantity of load should be no greater than 1/2cc. If I am planning for a full cc then it means both delt heads are getting it. My focus is hitting high enough and dead center, no...
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    Australia: Brace Yourself

    I remember last year there was some talk in my area about a strike by the truckers and then nothing. My fear is that we are too far gone to rally back and take back the country. It all looks, feels, sounds like a script and all the pigeons are playing their parts. Who suffers, the common man...