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    What inspired you to start lifting

    For me, and yes I’m ready to get roasted it’s was watching zyzz shorts on youtube, he started out as a skinny guy (like me) and built a great physique, obviously I would never want to do what ever cycle he was doing because he died at 22 and I’m 21, of course I’m not considering doing any cycle...
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    Best way to buy gear (online vs in person vs home brew )(no sources)

    Sorry was trying to edit my thread but ended make a bunch of replies and don’t know how to delete them
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    Best way to buy gear (online vs in person vs home brew )(no sources)

    So first of all I 100% understand that you can’t talk about sources but what I’m interested to know is what is the best way to get quality gear, it is to find a good website, have connections with people that can sell you good stuff or to buy the ingredients and make it your self, what is the...
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    Best AAS for mental well being

    What AAS have had the most phycological benefits (well being, calmness, focus, etc)for you and which have no phycological benefits or have negative phycological effects? (I understand the AAS are for muscle gains not for mental health but I think I would be something to consider when weighing...
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    ASF Rules Mandatory Read

    Will do