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    Well at least ya got some good news then. I know mr doc said they are seeing a lot more patients fail drug tests for fetnyal. He said the look of shock and horror in most cases makes him believe they literally had no clue. Now cocaine etc. He will get an admission but when he drops the f...
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    Mary, Mary… quite contrary

    Nice. I put in corn but wasn’t my go to. I was shocked how limited options were for it this year for corn around us.
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    Getting HGH prescribed?

    There has been more then one trt clinic where the hgh being prescribed was counterfeit and bunk. So definitely have to do research on the clinic. I know one of the guys after his lab work can back he immediately reached out to the manufacturer who confirmed that the product he sent then...
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    Who hasn’t tried FLASH LABS yet?

    I have not tired flash yet.
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    Where are you guys finding your docs?

    My primary writes my scripts. I have had 3 docs since starting trt who were easy to deal with. 2 that were pains. When I first started 10 plus years ago. I have definitely seen a change with docs actually understanding proper protocols versus me educating them. I’ve used 3 tele clinics. You need...