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  1. Birdman1

    Anyone using "Loniten" (oral Minoxidil)?

    ... Thanks for your reply! The active ingredients for Minoxidil aren't expensive or difficult to manufacture. I can see steroids being counterfeited by rogue outfits and cash-grabbing individuals, but are you sure about Minoxidil products? The brand I'm currently using is called "Lonitab-5"...
  2. Birdman1

    Thick or Thin?

    THIN! Thick girls end up fat. ... Thin girls end up thick.
  3. Birdman1

    Anyone using "Loniten" (oral Minoxidil)?

    I switched from topical Minoxidil to oral (Loniten) back in mid-July. It's been four months and I'm not noticing any improvement. true, I wasn't expecting to end up with a long, flowing mop like Yanni in four months, but I at least expected to see some improvement. Even though I switched from...
  4. Birdman1

    Starting a new Cycle

    ... I'd eat all 30mgs about an hour before lifting. Dbol makes you feel like you can bust through walls, and you'll lose that "crazed psycho" feeling by spreading it out over the day. It's like having sift, gentle sex with a hot babe three times during the day ... or handing her a single...
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    Sunrise Cialis Friday “Weekly Giveaway”

    I will "rise to the occasion" and join the contest.
  6. Birdman1

    Testosterone only cycle

    ... Then don't! If you've done the necessary research, then you should already know exactly what you are getting into. I'm not meaning to be harsh but keep doing more research until you are able to do it without any fear.
  7. Birdman1

    Sunrise Pharma TRT-order (Mini-review)

    Cyp-250. I'm burning through the last of my 5-year-old outdated gear before hitting Sunrises' new brew. My 62-year-old summer cycle is a whopping 250mgs Test Cyp 250 per week and nothing else (no orals). It will end October 15th and then it's back to TRT only (which is around 125 mgs Test-C...
  8. Birdman1

    Sunrise Pharma TRT-order (Mini-review)

    This is just a quick note regarding SP's service, shipping, and communication. All I'm doing now is TRT, and I still have a few vials of Test-C from a previous contact, so I cannot speak to the overall effectiveness of SP's gear until a later date. What I can say is that the communication was...
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    ... You can get 27ga pins online fairly easily. Split the difference between 25ga and 30ga. That's what I do for TRT. It may take longer to inject, but you should only be dealing with no more than half a CC anyway (unless you're on MrEB's version of TRT). ... If you get any "prick pain" from...
  10. Birdman1

    Embarrassed to ask

    I've had several prostate exams, but not a colonoscopy. I'm "rolling the dice" on that one. I'm hoping for advancements in technology to where they can just do a tricorder reading on me like "Bones" does in Star Trek. I remember calling my doctor's office to setup a time for a prostate exam...
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    Embarrassed to ask

    I just applied for my AARP Medicare Supplement and talked to my doctor about my increasing incontinence. My Attends undergarments apparently aren't getting the job done. Also, how do you guys attach your tennis balls to your walkers? ... Mine keep falling off, and I can't bend over to pick...
  12. Birdman1

    Embarrassed to ask

    ... Yah, but at least we're keeping Charmin TP in business during a shitty economy!
  13. Birdman1

    Embarrassed to ask

    Do you have a leaky butthole? At age 62, I have to go back and re-wipe a few times after each dump or my butthole gets irritated and inflamed. Buttholes like shit going through them, ... but not the shit that decides to hang around.
  14. Birdman1

    RU58841 vs Finasteride for hair loss

    MinoxidilMax has solvents you can purchase separately to mix your RU. They have two types: ... I'm sure you can mimic what they are selling and save some $, but this will at least get...
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    Started today

    ... I try to get at least four weeks into my test before adding in the orals, although I was much more radical in my earlier years. I'm thinking it's the end of June when CMS posted his cycle, so I'm guessing he's trying to get the most out of the outdoors this summer. He's probably already a...
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    Let’s pat ourselves on back a moment

    ... Part of the problem is the extent of "online information" and "ease of access." The youth of today have it a lot easier than we did. 20 years ago, you had to find a AAS forum, be accepted, post photos, and move up the ranks before you gained access to reliable sources. Today everything you...
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    Requirements for Lists and Ordering

    Well, I'm averaging about one post per day, so I should reach the required 500 posts amount by November of 2024. ... It's either that or spam-up the forums.
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    Requirements for Lists and Ordering

    No, not even close! My only goal was scoring chicks. I didn't want to move past a certain level of physique and my weekly dose was commensurate with achieving that goal. But the doses others were doing seemed crazy to me. I had health concerns over my rather modest cycles, and then others would...
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    Pinning first time

    I started out pinning my glutes with 1.5" pins and worked my way up to other areas. Depending on the BAC content, your delts can end up in so much discomfort that you can't do any reps - which kinda defeats the purpose. I know many are thinking, "Man-up pussy!" but I really don't like pain...
  20. Birdman1

    Real dbol? Anyone?

    Be it also known that I am not questioning any brands or sponsors here at ASF. I'm only talking about events that happened over ten years earlier. In fact, I have yet to sample anyone's products.