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    3rd time around!

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    Trump has fired the acting attorney general

    Do you know that trump signed it and air port security has no fucking clue what they're doing? the idiot just passed that bill without making exact rules or policies to who can come in? Iraqi pilots who's trainin in Arizona are okay? How about college students? How about green card holders?
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    Trump has fired the acting attorney general

    I love America, we took democracy to another level, banning religion now. Sweet, I'm so excited for this country. Let the racism begin, let all the racists who were hiding under a rock come out and tell us how they really feel, the KKK will be born again. trump is an impulsive racist dumbass...
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    Yea lets pay a billion to build a wall when poverty and murder rates are going up. Ya'll going to be so happy when you pay for that stupid ass wall from your tax money
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    Eurotropin HGH Blood drawn

    I rest my case on your bullshit posts and novel. You're a walking contradiction, you have no balls to admit what your selling is trash. 0 HGH test results? what are you guys putting in those vials? That's a selective scammer definition. 1 kit is good; the next is bad to make more of a bigger...
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    Eurotropin HGH Blood drawn

    All I see is a rep trying to justify their garbage product and honestly Bro it's pretty damn sad. Spend more time working on making a better product than barking.
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    Eurotropin HGH Blood drawn

    Lots of ppl need compensation for this garbage HGH
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    Chinese New Year Shipping Info

    Does it mean they won't be able to pick up the money too ? Or is it just shipping? I'd like to order
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    HALOTESTIN Spectrometry Results !!!

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    HALOTESTIN Spectrometry Results !!!

    We just need the 30% off code
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    HALOTESTIN Spectrometry Results !!!

    can I have such discount please? I want some halo
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    Damn Rousey

    You mean the hills have eyes
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    help with new cycle

    Let's see your physique first.. Seriously
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    Injection related infection

    don't inject rocephin into an abcess, wtf? Plus rocephin won't clear your infection with one shot.
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    What Time of Day is Best to Train?

    About 11 o'clock, if you start by 1105, you lost 20% of your gains
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    Injection Volume and Injections Site Rotation?

    That's not true. We prefer the glutes or the quads in the medical field but everyone in the medical field goes in the delts cause no one wants to pull patients pants down. It's convenient
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    Damn Rousey

    Did really take 3 mil though? What's your source? Dana whites mouth? I really feel bad for her. She looked like a rookie fighter in that cage.
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    Test enanthate auction!!!

    Lucky bastard
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    Christmas contest - 100$ each or flip the coin? / Anonymous Poll

    nice pics; your wives actually let you use them for 100$ free gear? crazy