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    Currently shopping for an SRT Grand Cherokee now. Have wanted one for years! What year do you have and what color? About to go test drive a 2019 with 4k miles. Then the plan is to get a Charger Hellcat maybe next year. I want two SRTs in my garage, lol. A buddy of mine at the gym just...
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    Insane itching

    Haven't taken pre workout for years. I don't drink anything with caffeine in it, so one 200mg caffeine pill does the trick. Been doing that for a few years now though. And zero pain killers, ha. I must be allergic to something in the test iso. Started the claritin last night.
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    Insane itching

    To the point to where it's almost unbearable?
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    Insane itching

    The only new supplements were the stuff I posted above that were for SD support. Haven't touched any of them for several weeks now. Just checked though, none of them or anything I use have niacin in it. The only thing that was new that I'm still using is the test iso. At first I thought it...
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    Insane itching

    Awesome, anything's worth a shot. Headed to the store now, ha.
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    Insane itching

    ^That's exactly how to describe it! I do get flushed. My gf says she sees red spots appear on my neck and when it's happening too. My torso seems to get the blunt of it. So would it be the iso or how the test is made that's doing it? The crazy thing is, I've been cycling for years and never...
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    Insane itching

    So I tried Superdrol for the first time and during those 4 weeks I started getting really itchy while working out. I finished almost a month ago and the itching is still there. It spikes when I start to struggle during a set or when I do cardio. Also it starts in the car if I road rage, ha...
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    Is Hammer Test Legit?

    I have some vials of tne that I won't use, because not only do I not feel anything at 100mg (50mg of ol' bsr made me want to break weights), but it also leave nasty lumps in my quads for weeks.
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    High test to tren or high tren to test debate

    It's actually 5 times stronger, Test 100/100, Tren 500/500. I've ran it both ways, more than once, and hands down, higher tren than test. Sides seem to be a lot less that way. Higher test and I couldn't sleep for shit, the other way it was at least manageable. My aggression also seemed a bit...
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    Tren Insomnia

    Keeping my weekly test dose to half of my tren dose along with proviron daily really helped me with tren sides. I still get a little bit of insomnia, but nowhere near what I had before.
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    Bunk GH?

    Hey dude, well that sucks. And I'm already on Absolut's gh. I just thought it's be cool to compare results once mine are done.
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    Bunk GH?

    Really looking forward to these results!
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    Viagra or Cialis

    Viagra works, but Cialis is hands down better. Viagra would make my nose completely stuffed and make my body itch, plus you take it shortly before getting some. Not good for dating because you don't know. Cialis I would take small doses a couple times a week and was ready to go anytime I...