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  1. Roc

    Labs you like

    Thanks guys, I don t mind spending if it’s good
  2. Roc

    Labs you like

    Looking for feedback, what you guys like here?? I have a favorite I’ve been using for years but looking for some other options
  3. Roc

    Test C cough

    If you nick a vein This can happen whatever you shoot
  4. Roc


    I don’t know you but sounds like test flu if you shot the day before. Diet shouldn’t have anything to do with it, my diet is shit right now and feel great but I’m bulking. Sometimes when you eat so clean and strict you will feel like shit when you go off the diet. Your test seems low but...
  5. Roc

    Fucking San Francisco

    Population control
  6. Roc

    BECOME A FREAK 2.0 (with primo)

    Very nice write up. That’s for the advanced for sure. I love this shit!! Thanks for sharing
  7. Roc

    Food Prices Soaring!

    Gotta see where your buying your stuff, if it’s the food store your getting ripped off, I get 15 dozen eggs for 3-4 bux. 6lbs of filet for 50 bux, I have not been affected one bit cause I go to the local farmers auction. I use Aldi for veggies and fruits and buy rice and potatoes from an Asian...
  8. Roc

    3rd cycle recommendations?

    500 sus 300 deca 300 eq Run dbol for the first 6 weeks
  9. Roc

    Dbol/test cycle

    Well I’m curious why not to take dbol for your second cycle, Christ when I started this mess 20yrs ago I was told the first cycle was the best and to load up, and I did just that. 100mg of dbol is my normal dosage when on, I have no estrogen issues so lucky me. And with the enth I wouldn’t do...
  10. Roc

    What’s Left For Big Ramy?

    Ramy wants to retire imo.
  11. Roc

    Should Bodybuilding Look Like Chris Bumstead?

    Nope, I wanna see freaks not gay new boys
  12. Roc

    Losing muscle from low T

    I don’t know but I never come off test, the whole cycle thing is a myth, and clogged receptors is bullshit. Don’t count on the drugs to get you bigger, that’s where the food comes into play, I’ve never met any huge dude that doesn’t eat 8-10 times a day.
  13. Roc


    Lots of scams out there, I get shit everyday from ups and fed ex saying my package is available for pick up and didn’t order a thing
  14. Roc

    Insulin first time

    I’ll ask this, what’s your main purpose in thinking slin will help you?? If you wanna try it I have nothing against you doing it but sometimes going that route can lead to bigger issues. I have plenty of ways to do it but please only use humalog, don’t use R.
  15. Roc

    WHO admits the lockdowns were a lie

    It was all bullshit but we can’t stop what’s going to happen, so just live life and stop watching the news, I stopped long ago and it’s been great for me! We have no control so stop thinking we are going to stop the government. Whatever there gonna do it’s gonna happen. I’m here for the ride...
  16. Roc

    Britney Griner exchange: What a disgrace!

    I’m with you bro!! We should of left her there to rot!! She a nothing in my book
  17. Roc

    Insulin? Whos holdin!

    If you really wanna turn it up, take lantus with log at meals……. Boom!!
  18. Roc

    Olympia 2022

    Hard to beat Ramy with that size and condition. I could never see spending 600 bux on a ticket to see the show, then the crowds at the expo. No thanks For me. Have fun brother!!
  19. Roc

    Thick or Thin?

    Like them thicker, skinny girlS aren’t fun in bed, I feel like my cock is riding inbetween to sticks!
  20. Roc

    RoC is here

    Just hit me up, the only way to die is if your on an island with no food