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    SB LABS - Clen review

    Did you notice any cramps yet. And have you taken anything to prevent them?
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    Stenabolic aka sr9009

    I have heard mixed reviews on this product. Some saying oral barely does anything. Wondering if its worth it to use on cut. Anyone have any experience with it?
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    One week out!

    Wow man you look crazy!
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    Switching up splits?

    How often if at all should I change up the days my program. Can I keep a split forever if I really like it or would it be more beneficial to change things up like the groups muscles are trained in a certain day. Do you guys do this?
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    Best peptide for muscle growth?

    You take it daily?
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    What’s your Go to pre workout meal?

    For me it’s 60g cream of rice mixed with whey protein, with maple syrup on top.
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    New to HGH

    Do you prefer hgh to mk?
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    Best peptide for muscle growth?

    What’s 5x5? IUs?
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    Possible gyno?

    Nolva+ Ai should get job done
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    Ball in Nipple

    Most def gyno If it’s under the nipple and u can feel the bump.
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    Best peptide for muscle growth?

    What is your guys’s opinion the best peptide would be strictly for muscle growth?
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    Anyone have expirence with YK-11?

    Thanks for your service
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    One anavar cycle

    What u mean?
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    Anavar + proviron cycle

    Didn’t even realize lol
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    One anavar cycle

    Yea test and var. and I have pct’d sucessfully before.
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    Anavar + proviron cycle

    Don’t get y you won’t pin. Why suppress your natural T levels just to get shredded.
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    One anavar cycle

    P.S with a test base
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    One anavar cycle

    With a test base, forgot to mention but thought it was obvious.
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    One anavar cycle

    Will one anavar cycle planned out properly, with proper pct and everything. Have any effect on my natural test permanently, and leave any permanent sides?
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    Will my testosterone levels bring back?

    Who knows. The only way to find out is to see for yourself. There is a good chance they don’t, but if they do it most likely will take months for it to come back.