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    New to this forum

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    Glad you’re here, welcome.
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    Ready to learn

    Welcome brother
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    New on here.

    Welcome brother
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    NEW HERE. contest shape 🙏🏼

    Welcome brother
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    Good to be here, winny question

    I’ve heard of this, just never tried it. Shit hurts. How was your experience with it. Did you take it daily? Thank you
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    Medications to avoid

    There are some newer options now that claim to be non addictive. Vyvanse or the generic version Lisdexamfetamine as it’s called, may be an alternative to the old stuff like “vitamin r”. Good luck brother
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    Best items for wrinkles and grey hair? & just lookin younger as we age

    Back in the day, I’ve seen guys put preparation H on their lower abs on show day. I have no idea if it worked, but some of the vets back then swore to me it shrinks the skin a little. For all I know, they were just fucking with the young buck back then….good times😁
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    Testosterone Types and Delivery

    Great read!!! Thanks
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    Anyone use BPC 157 for a shoulder injury?

    Love to hear updates
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    Anyone use BPC 157 for a shoulder injury?

    Anyone use BPC 157 for injuries? Mainly shoulder, rotator problems. My understanding is that it helps us “older athletes” that deal with nagging bullshit that most of us deal with…
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    Good to be here, winny question

    New to here. Looks like a great source of legit info. Just wanted to know if anyone has ever switched from injectable winny @ 50mg EOD to 50mg oral every day? What did you notice? Thanks guys.
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    Hello from New York

    A little. I think out of pocket is pretty serious cash….