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  1. biggiesmalls

    Favorite on the go meal

    Got to admit, my new favorite on the go meal has to be ghoulash. Some ground beef with wheat macaroni noodles and corn with tomato sauce. Man thats the stuff.
  2. biggiesmalls

    Mass Attack w/ Uncle Z Bundy74 Sponsored Bulk Journal

    Damn bro! No joke you have packed on some size. Keep it up.
  3. biggiesmalls

    Blood works, help with results interpretation, advices for pct and so on

    Great info about Tren and bloods. I will need to keep it in mind. Thanks
  4. biggiesmalls

    Show Em How You Fight

    Just saw this flick. Its a good one!
  5. biggiesmalls

    Mass Attack w/ Uncle Z Bundy74 Sponsored Bulk Journal

    Great log man! Looks like your already up about a dozen pounds within the first 2 weeks.
  6. biggiesmalls

    Back to Back

    I have always liked straight leg deadlifts. I had to stop them years back though because of my lower back. Fast forward post years of dishing out 100s to a chiropracter and am now able to hit straight legs again. What I have noticed though and am curious if its really possible but I feel like im...
  7. biggiesmalls

    Fav Junk Food

    Thats how you know what side of the map one is from. I just had a big ol plate of some bisquits and sausage gravy yesterday. If god made anything better he saved it for himself.
  8. biggiesmalls

    Dosage of hgh

    Always good to have those baselines done.
  9. biggiesmalls

    Fish Oil Intake

    I have always popped a 1000mg gel cap. Just part of my morning ritual.
  10. biggiesmalls

    Morning motivation

    Ya Makaveli has some really good stuff. Most anything with Eric Thomas is fire!
  11. biggiesmalls

    Going hypo after workouts..

    I always keep some chocolate around just in case..
  12. biggiesmalls

    Back from surgery

    Welcome back and good luck on the road back bro
  13. biggiesmalls

    Which Retired Bodybuilder Should Make a Comeback Next?

    This pain in the ass right here..but dude looked amazing
  14. biggiesmalls

    CT Fletcher: Through Death Brings New Life
  15. biggiesmalls

    The walls are closing in, again.

    The day to day in which one day is just bleeding into the other is soul crushing at times. My brother used to do Clinical studies (he didnt drink or do drugs of any type) and would make a few thousand over a couple of weeks and then just take off traveling. Dude was a gypsy at that time but he...
  16. biggiesmalls

    Slin Pre or Post Workout

    These guys got it right. Test the water with post workout and once under control shoot for the pre workout.
  17. biggiesmalls

    Best Supplement for Liver Support

    Cycle Guard is a good one. Looks similar to the IML one above.
  18. biggiesmalls


    Hadnt heard that version in years. I remember the scene in Sid and Nancy when shooting the video for this track. Good stuff