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    Sunrise TD

    I was the lucky weekly winner and just received my cialis with "PDFS" Have used his cialis before great stuff Thanks again! @Sunrise Pharma
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    Sunrise pharma bloodwork

    Share full panel with everyone My cruise, while cutting bloodwork Sunrise test C 250mg weekly Sunrise masteron E 250mg weekly Great results with this. Also ran clen from Sunrise while cutting. And T3 from another supplier Great experience on all his products. Also threw in some of his cialis...
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    Sunrise touchdown

    Big thanks to Casey at Sunrise Pharma, Long story short pretty sure I was bricked by someone who sells on here. (Not going to throw stones yet still giving them a chance to make it right). Anyhow after waiting weeks for some ancillaries I'm running dangerously low. I reached out to Casey that I...
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    🇺🇸🔥Every Oil @ Bioactive Bulk Priced🔥🇺🇸

    Just snagged my bulk packs!💪💪
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    Bioactive TD

    I got a killer deal. Thanks again!
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    Bioactive TD

    Thanks Tommygunz for answering my questions as they arose. Super day shipping I blinked and had it. Also stealth shipping A++ Will post bloods once I get into this cycle it starts in 2 weeks
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    Sunrise Cialis Friday “Weekly Giveaway”

    I'm in Trial pack I got from Casey previously was fantastic
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    Sunrise test E bloodwork

    Note I always pin 2x a week. All bloodwork is taken the day I need to pin prior to pinning for continuity for myself Here is bloodwork mid 500mg Looking back it sucks this was a basic test so no free test I was just looking mainly for lipids
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    Sunrise test E bloodwork

    Won't post the full bloodwork because my cholesterol is embarrassingly bad. However here is the test results I ran test e 500mg Along side sunrise anadrol 50(if anyone is interested it was fantastic) This test level is 2 weeks off cruising around 250mg week
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    Sunrise List as easy as it gets... BOOM

    Fastest shipping and great customer service. Used multiple times lately every order has been fantastic
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    Sunrise List as easy as it gets... BOOM

    First touchdown with sunrise. Awesome communication with the rep. Fastest shipping I have had in awhile! Will post bloods in 8 weeks