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    Tren A pin dosage

    WTF did I just open?
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    First Cycle Advice. Tren and Test.

    For starters, good luck with 50 ml of tren 2X a week. :ROFLMAO: I'd almost go as far to say you don't need any PEDs right now, just stack on what you can naturally but seems you are bent and already in motion. I get you are actually on low dose tren but tren for a first cycle is not advised or...
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    👉 Rapid Fat Loss without injections!

    ditto. I have heard to use only for a max of a few months and max dose of 37.5 mg a day. I've seen starter doses for tolerance begin at 15 mg per day. @Datsundude87 Can you possibly give a brief description of your dosing protocol, any other peds protocol, diet and training during your time of...
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    Fast Acting Esters

    This would be my guess and generally faster results at least in my experience.
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    Funny Pics and Memes

    What's wrong multislacker? Come sit on my couch and spill the beans bro. I'm here for ya. :)
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    Funny Pics and Memes

  7. mass gain

    Making the choice between primobolan and masteron

    Nice. Can you link the log? What UGL mast? E or P? Thanks.
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    🏈 SB Labs pick 4 football pool 🏈

    Congrats all. I might have to get in on the next one. Looks like some fun. @302jrob looking solid AF.
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    Primo Dosing

    Man these cycle lengths with the primo doses can start adding up in price. Many times you get what you pay for tho. If you get great results, its worth it.
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    ugh, I meant that the other way- Ill go edit- good catch
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    I never understand why people post on FB before and during their vacation. I hardly ever post to FB anymore. I still like my privacy and I'm not a person that needs validation or someone to like my online profile or drool over/approve of my vacation destinations. Sorry about your situation...
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    Some chicks don't want to put it in their mouth...

    damn it, I can't see it. Guess I need to sign up for a Twatter account.
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    Making the choice between primobolan and masteron

    Great thread and solid discussion/viewpoints. So far I've only dealt with masteron althougn I have tried primo tabs. I do like masteron but I will try some primo inject in the near future. Based on the feedback, looks like if I do well with masteron like I seem to that I'll probably end up just...
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    Funny Pics and Memes

    Damn, some of these are brutal. :ROFLMAO:
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    Funny Pics and Memes

    Wow, edgy. I like it. :ROFLMAO:
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    Funny Pics and Memes

    What up MILF King. Hope you and yours had a good Thanksgiving.
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    So you want single digit bodyfat

    I hear ya. I've been like Oprah that way. I get serious it comes off fast and easy. Then the rebound when I start getting lazy.
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    1st time Tren user review!

    A little off topic here but is EQ known to cause prostate issues?