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  1. gdawg


    Leave your emotions out of it . It won’t be pretty . It’s a serious commitment . If you are new here think long and hard . Your life will change . Your friends will leave . It will try your relationship. In the end there will be greatness. Is there an end ?
  2. gdawg

    R. Kelly Charged with 10 Counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse

    Has anybody seen “ Surviving R Kelly “ ? Dude is pretty sick . It’s mostly parents on there trying to get their kids back . Even I they are of age the way that guy treats them is rediculous .
  3. gdawg

    Dirty or clean bulk

    I’ve tried to really pack it on. I went from 195 ish to close to 235 just pounding food wanting to put on weight . In the end when I cut back down I was at square 1 .... 200lbs see pic to left . I mean yes you have to eat to put on size but now I’d like to gain 5 of muscle the clean way all day...
  4. gdawg

    Dislocated Rib

    Yes sometimes it takes more than once . It’s usually sore but bearable.
  5. gdawg

    Dislocated Rib

    This happens to me from time to time . I always thought it was a back issue . My chiro pops them back but the fact is it’s happening again . It was suggested to me by to breath out while sliding my back, in the area of the rib(s),down a counter top . If that makes sense . Luckily I have a...
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    I have a Cybex I bought from a closing gym . I’ve had it probably 2 years . During Hurricane Mathew I got water in my downstairs . I thought it was done but when the power came on it fired right up.
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    Beauty and the Beast, Life of the Jassol’s

    Good to see ya back at it bro.
  8. gdawg

    Hey fags

    What’s up gheys ? You fucks miss me ?
  9. gdawg

    Beauty and the Beast, Life of the Jassol’s

    Doin pretty good . Gettin Old but grindin hard . Whats up Skip how you been man ? Ol HJ told me they didn’t ban him yet so I figured I’d see how long it took lol.
  10. gdawg

    Beauty and the Beast, Life of the Jassol’s

    What’s up homies ? How y’all been ?
  11. gdawg

    Why bulk ????

    Now this fag ass board is stepping up . I was losing faith and almost renounced .
  12. gdawg

    Why bulk ????

    Bulked the last 2 winters . Went from low 200’s to 230+ back to low 200’s . Yes a big circle twice . Pants get tight and I get out of breath putting on my boots lol. I’ve figured out having a gut ain’t worth it . I’m working on my next move now . I plan to walk into this spring peeled AF .
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    Keyboard BADASSES with no avi but want to talk smack??? Zero cred in my opinion

    What's up fuckers ? Who are the new keyboard warriors ?
  14. gdawg

    Punisher787 summer shred

    Hell man it was a solid change . Shift gears and roll on .
  15. gdawg

    Punisher787 summer shred

    Nice work man
  16. gdawg

    Mighty Mouse Diaries

    Daaaammmmn son gettin it done . Gotta step my game up . Nice chub .
  17. gdawg

    ASF member who looks like Michael Stipe

    JD keep the village idiot going . It's the only reason I still get on.
  18. gdawg

    Sumner really is balling

    I'm laughing so hard right now I spit my beer out. Am I the only one that saw how big sumners forehead is ? I mean he's got a 5 head
  19. gdawg

    Behlod the winner of the Summer Shredder contest.

    Awesome job man