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  1. Dirt700

    Swole vs. Ripped

    That's what mode I'm in now. Feel like I'm 8 months pregnant!
  2. Dirt700

    Your go to supplement company?

    Pure Protein, as far as pre workout, I change regularly so I don't get immune to one. Right now I'm using jekyll and hyde.
  3. Dirt700


    Well shit!
  4. Dirt700

    Trama kit

    I guess me and big time need to work on spelling
  5. Dirt700

    Trama kit

    Thats a good deal.The wife and I both have backpacks in our vehicles. They both have trama kits that she put together. She is a RN, but also has a minor in disaster preparedness, so she gets all kind's of stuff at different semanars. The bags also have fire starters, life straws, para cord...
  6. Dirt700

    Pill splitter

    I have tried several different cutters, all of them seemed to crush more than cut. Now I have a super sharp ceramic knife I use. It takes a little longer, and a little more patience, but I rarely crush one any more
  7. Dirt700

    Sperm zero after 6 months off

    I hope it all works out for you brother.
  8. Dirt700

    Tren before deca

    I'm doing the opposite, 6 weeks of npp, then finish with 3 weeks of tren
  9. Dirt700

    Best Workout App.

    I downloaded a pdf from muscle pharm, called get swole. It was nice because everything was layer out for me, didn't have to think about what to do, just lift.
  10. Dirt700

    Need a little help

    Estrogen was at 25
  11. Dirt700

    Fuck You Life!!!! Car jacked!

    Damn SB, first your phone, now your car. Hope it all works out for you
  12. Dirt700

    Need a little help

    The trt was only test I was taking, we all have our moments VTX.
  13. Dirt700

    Need a little help

    I watch them draw it out every week. Been going there for about a year. I have ran cycles before and stopped about 4ish weeks before my bloods get drawn, and never had a problem before.
  14. Dirt700

    Need a little help

    I get 250mg weekly at trt clinic. My levels usually stay around 1100. My last cycle was weeks 1-4 50mg dbol daily, weeks 1-8 tren A 80mg eod. Did some test suspension as pwo. It's was 4 weeks after my last shot of tren, when I got bloods done at clinic, came back at 770. So they upped my dose...
  15. Dirt700

    Has Anyone Noticed

    It's does seem that you see more interracial couples on TV nowadays
  16. Dirt700

    Roll up roll up special contest!!

    I've been eyeballing the rip stack
  17. Dirt700

    The nectar of the Gods TD

    True story
  18. Dirt700

    What's your preferred drink of choice?

    Water, milk, diet dew, captain morgan black
  19. Dirt700

    She counted today

    I get shit about flexing or looking at myself in the mirror