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    SB Labs June special

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    Who’s tried the blue tops?

    I’m a little over three months in now and I’m having a hell of a problem with carpal tunnel. Continued numbness in finger tips it never goes away and whole arm completely numb while sleeping depending on my arm location. Now the upiside Muscles are definitely growing and veins popping! I’ve...
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    Heavy hitter’s weekly deal….Primo!!!

    New weekly Deal ?
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    SB Labs June special

    Damn I was hoping for the special to be blue tops
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    Do blue tops ship cold?

    Will we see these go on special ? I upped to 6iu a day split my reserve is dwindling quickly 😒
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    Who’s tried the blue tops?

    Im seven weeks In 4iu a day split 2 morning 2 evening im seeing fat loss and upper body muscle forearms are popping insanely. Only side effect I’m having is numbness in hands and arms. My research shows to push through it as in a week or two it subsides. No doubt this stuff is working!
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    Who’s tried the blue tops?

    I’m three weeks in at 4iu M-F split in two doses 2iu in am 2iu in pm I’m loving the visual changes. I’ll be ordering more this week. Anyone know the shelf life raw and mixed ?
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    HGH Blue Tops added

    Same 2iu when I wake up 2iu when I get home from work. In one week I’ve gone up ten pounds however I also started back on test cyp a week prior.
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    HGH Blue Tops added

    same here I just didnÂ’t contribute it that quickly to the hgh. What dose are you doing?
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    HGH Blue Tops added

    Effects that quickly ?
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    HGH Blue Tops added

    My kits came nice and tight vacuum sealed !
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    Prayers for their family 🙏
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    Touchdown with a two point conversion 💪🏼

    Man I can’t preach enough on SB Labs!!! Consistent amazing customer service, quick order times, and amazing product! This is my third or fourth order and they will continue to have my loyalty. Oh and I’m stoked about the Blue tops🤤🤤🤤
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    Favorite test Esther?

    Cyp for sure my overall drive is far better on it.
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    Jscott's 48 hour fire SALE!🔥 🔥

    Damn wish I would of seen this before I ordered 🤦*♂️
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    HGH Blue Tops added

    Y’all working ? I’m not getting any response on email?
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    February special is........

    Will you do odd numbers over ten for same price ?
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    SB Labs November Special 15% off all OILS

    What’s the Black Friday dealleos
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    20% High Octane for the rest of the month

    Send me a sample so I can compare to my sildenafil from Roman !
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    SB Labs TD Pics and feedback

    Another successful TD. I can’t preach enough on how easy SB is to communicate with! These guys are a blessing to the game for sure. Oh did I mention how damn quick they are? I must have signed up for SB PRIME 😂