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  1. heckler7

    Bahia Principe restaurants

    meat sweats
  2. heckler7

    Where is the dude who walks....

    Jesus was on my lawn today, true story
  3. heckler7

    49ers + Giants fights in stands

    It looked like all SF fans to me, they should stop serving alcohol at games
  4. heckler7

    Citizens in space

    well we can concede that god created all things, but to have a discussion people need to put a label on things like what you drink is water and the phenomenon that makes you stay grounded is gravity. if you are going to play semantics then you arent any smarter than those that say men can have...
  5. heckler7

    Smart Cars?

    they take the human element out of everyday tasks begs the question, what jobs will be leftr they claim immigrants will do americans wont
  6. heckler7

    Smart Cars?

    geezus, well smelly cab drivers and uber lyft drivers will be out of work soon
  7. heckler7

    49ers + Giants fights in stands

  8. heckler7

    Citizens in space

    what do you call the force that keeps your feet on the ground
  9. heckler7

    Citizens in space

    u cant lift in space you lose your gainz
  10. heckler7

    Smart Cars?

    is that a fake video? Austin Texas and not one F150 in sight? plus er one speakn Chinese
  11. heckler7

    Insulin and fat loss

    literally all the supplements ands AAS in the world available, like abombs and tren that will give you rad gainz and you wanna fuck with the only compound that will add fat to your body and could kill you insulin
  12. heckler7

    Out of pure curiosity, I just have to ask this question.

    is this a pit advice thread?
  13. heckler7

    Cell Phone Plans

    obama phone
  14. heckler7

    Jawa 350 spare parts motorcycle online store

    you know how I know youre gay
  15. heckler7

    Piss everyone off

    lets do a cross between american ninja warrior and MXC but instead of weird samurai dudes chasing them we can have ice agents, it will be livestreamed like live PD
  16. heckler7

    Have you ever...

    Ive used friends ID to get into tittie bars
  17. heckler7

    Traveling/flying internationally with gear

    watch locked up abroad before you bring shit with you. even if you have a script you need to make sure what you bring isnt illegal
  18. heckler7

    Fighting Depression..!!

    post mate a subway sammie then fug that bitch
  19. heckler7

    Happiness is…

    randomly I got a video of Rich in my youtube feed his lady took right before he died she was crying and seemed like she knew he was going to die, so sad
  20. heckler7

    Fighting Depression..!!

    who needs love, lick my fugn sack and make me a sandwich