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    Thoughts on Clen

    Yes sir. Like the rest have said. Just start slow and build up to it and know the body builds a tolerance to it pretty quick so dont plan on running it too long. You will likely want to do a 2 on 2 off or something similar to that affect.
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    What international sources come with no worry?

    China is especially difficult given the have customs on their side of the border so just getting out of the country is tough let alone still having to make it stateside.
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    Diet Drinks & Cutting

    Great post. I dont drink sodas but very inforamative
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    Mass Attack w/ Uncle Z Bundy74 Sponsored Bulk Journal

    Shit I hadnt been in and checked out the log in a couple of weeks but you are looking great man.
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    Corporate America Supplement Companies: Are They Really a Pyramid Scheme?

    Haa that part in bigger stronger faster was classic
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    Beast Bulk PSL sponsored cycle

    Great log so far bro. Keep it up man.
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    Dallas McCarver: Autopsy

    Whats crazy, is more often than not there was a pre-existing heart condition in many of these deaths. Unfortunately its not known until after the fact. Same thing with that dude zzyzz or whatever his name was.
  8. django

    Least Favorite Body Part to Train

    Implants? I just saw this video about all of the olympia judging and they were saying calves is something they seldom score on. Which if you look like at Decter or Dennis Wolf or countless others, the calves are non existent.
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    New Here

    Welcome..and the first rule of fight club is
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    Why Do Bodybuilders Get the Cold Shoulder from Society?

    Bob Paris was so well spoken and presentable. Remember him talking about covering up at the gym and wanting to wear normal fashionable clothes. Plus look at that pick..not everyone can pull of that denim shirt! haaa
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    Seated Calf Raise vs Donkey Raise

    Crazy i had just asked this trainer this question yesterday.
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    New guy here

    Welcome from one newbie to another
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    👊 CONTEST 👊GGG vs Canelo 👊

    GGG (KO over Canelo) x 9th round x 1:45
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    My current cycle

    Your training program maybe? Got me.
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    New log prospect ( put in your application)

    Im still wet behind the ears but looking at your site this seems like a great opportunity.
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    Oral DBol vs Injectable DBol

    Ive heard that but feel like anything else, its different for everyone. If you dont bloat off the inject then run that!
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    Venom Checking In

  19. django

    You decide what products on sale

    Anavar & Primo
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    Calf Position

    Heavy weight and consistency but even at that for some reason this muscle group has its genetic limitations more than most others.