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  1. myrdycz

    Need advice on tren base please

    Try the thigh
  2. myrdycz

    Need some dosage advice

    Npp and tren a aren't gonna help no matter how much you pin if your not eating enough
  3. myrdycz

    Steroid Urine Test Detection Times.

    If they say fill it to the top you know what test is coming
  4. myrdycz

    Need some dosage advice

    Your breakfast should be like 5 eggs with wheat toast 6 slices of bacon and cup of oatmeal and big glass of milk and a pannycake. Mid morning snack should be cup of white rice and 10 ounces of tuna. Lunch should be a ribeye steak 10 to 12 ounces and cup of white rice. Afternoon snack is cup of...
  5. myrdycz

    Sponsors, just a idea?

    I wish more members would post bloods...
  6. myrdycz

    Second cycle planning

    Keep it simple... 500mg test weekly have aromisin on hand.. dial in the diet.. blood work before during after 2nd cycle Keep it simple stupid... 500mg test 650mg deca or npp or tren weekly.. have aromisin and viagra on hand...dial in the diet... blood work before during after.. Oh yeah I...
  7. myrdycz

    Tren has my appetite going f-ing crazy!!!

    400 to 500 MG a day?? Holy fuck buddy.. I thought my new run at 800 MG a week was a blast.. yeah you need the food at that amount..
  8. myrdycz

    Dbol and anadrol cycle

    I'm not having lethargy, appetite is a tad bit down so I just added more chicken or tuna and less rice.. today was 70 and I could see I'm starting to sweat a little more.. it's past midnight and I'm not sleepy yet. Which is a bit
  9. myrdycz

    Dbol and anadrol cycle

    9 days in.. pumps are great. Orals always kick in so much faster.. got some water pills from pharmacy Wednesday to try and keep off water.. I also front loaded the tren 400 first 3 days when it hits I won't sleep for a week lol.. thank god it's been hot everyday.. good sweat disguise I'll keep...
  10. myrdycz

    Dbol and anadrol cycle

    Thanks for the input fellas... thinking 20 MG dbol and 50 MG adrol to start.. see what I feel.. I'm gonna go 500 MG test and 800 tren.. so water shouldn't be issue..I could use the appetite suppression a little bit..
  11. myrdycz

    Dbol and anadrol cycle

    What's your guys thoughts and feelings of running anadrol and dianabol at sametime during a cycle? I'm debating running both along with test and tren e..
  12. myrdycz

    NapsGear: First time using these guys

    Geneza anyone try that brand
  13. myrdycz

    NapsGear: First time using these guys

    New website name???
  14. myrdycz

    Test & Tren enanthate

    700 MG tren e a week? First time running tren e? And every 6 days? Don't you want to keep it level in your system? Ask more questions and do more research. Tren is a serious drug. The night sweats and insomnia can really fuck you up man. If your hell bent on tren try a light cycle with tren ace...
  15. myrdycz

    Looking for quality wholesale Hgh supplier

    Find a carpal tunnel patient who wants money for HGH so then can buy oxy..cheaper and right from pharmacy
  16. myrdycz

    As of dec 1st.

    Coke dealers are going to money cards..
  17. myrdycz

    last song you listened to
  18. myrdycz

    last song you listened to
  19. myrdycz

    15 year old on tren

    No calves no traps no triceps..