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  1. cybrsage

    🛡️Are you suffering from back/neck or shoulder pain (TB-500)🛡️

    I used this while I was recovering from spinal surgery. My surgeon was beside himself with how fast I was recovering. He took all the credit for a great job done. I did not tell him about the TB500...and besides, he DID do a great job. :)
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    OK, so vastly different from M1T.
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    Newb alert...Pins

    I use them too - they have sales a lot as well.
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    "Stenbolone 100 logger wanted"

    I read this is a GREAT steroid to take while dieting, as it can significantly counter any catabolic effects you may have.
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    Put that "TUD" back in "STUD" :::Here's how:::

    OMG, that was so fucking funny! How do you come up with this stuff?
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    What is it?
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    💲💲ALL orders with HUGE savings using BTC (Start saving NOW)💲💲

    THIS is the standard by which all other labs will have to try to meet.
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    Tren Base mini log and review

    Wow, very nice log! I was wondering how this stuff worked. Tren can be a horror! - - - Updated - - - Have PSL create this and rule the world!!!
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    SARMs Source

    The new discount code for SarmsSearch is HORSE30.
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    The Official ASF Banging Booty thread

    I still think this is one of the best pics so far. DAMN!
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    List of our specials!!!!

    Awesome prices!!
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    Want to place an order

    Cialis FTmfW!! :-)
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    Want to place an order

    Wow, look at that response!
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    Sale! Sale! Sale!

  15. cybrsage

    HCG question

    If I remember right, it comes with an insert that tells you how long it can be Frozen and how long it should be kept in solution in the refrigerator. I know that basically Frozen it can last for years, but I do not remember how long will last after being reconstituted and stored in the fridge.
  16. cybrsage

    SARMs Source

    SarmsSearch is definitely gtg. You can use King30 for 30% off the entire order. Note there are two Ss in the center of the name...many people miss one of the two and wonder why the URL does not work. :)
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    Expect delays. Just a heads up

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    HCG question

    If I remember correctly, mine came with a very small bottle of water in an ampule, while the HGH was in a powder. I know the TB500 comes that way. I have some Eurogil HCG on the way and I will let you know for sure when I get it.
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    ProjectSwole- PSL Sponsored Log

    I LOVE hitting new personal bests! Makes you know you are moving forward.
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    Shoutout to MaceDog

    I swear Mace is a mutant and his power is that he does not need to sleep...