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  1. workoutfanatic

    P.S.L's current services that are available. (Please read)

    Psl is honestly the best damn source ive ever used they have been there the whole way im just a normal guy who loves working out and needed that boost to get to the next level and psl was there for me I've got bloodwork showing how good there quality is and some gear porn showing product but...
  2. workoutfanatic


    Welcome brother just want to give a shout out to vision check out psl there awesome truly ive ordered from them for years and my bloodwork proves it all there an awesome compamy you should see the transformation ive made in 3 months when i first started it was awesome Sent from my SM-N970U...
  3. workoutfanatic

    First time with PSL

    Psl is the way to go bro i have had nothig but awesome customer service thanks to vision and psl team and all the hard work and great product the product is awesome and bloodwork speaks for itself Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
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    Great gear porn Cant beat quality and customer service of PSL gear great quality. Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  5. workoutfanatic

    Tell us your story about PSL,how did you find us, and why did you stay?

    I absolutely love the PSL team when I got back from marines over 6 years in Iraq I started loosing some muscle mass luckly I found PSL on evo and decided to give them a try and I was nervous as anyone would be there first time ordering but damn I'm glad I did they have honestly become family and...
  6. workoutfanatic

    Test E 250mg / Tren E 150mg - 400mg/ml here locally!

    I take this blend and you cant beat it psl is awesome and there products are honestly the best I've tried and that's coming from a normal guy who loves to workout and absolutely loves the results I get from psl and have physical and blood work to back up my claims. Sent from my SM-N970U using...
  7. workoutfanatic

    Euro-pharmacies Testosterone enanthate lab testing

    Hey bro I appreciate this psl is awesome I've been using them for years and dont have a single bad thing to say USPS messed up once but that's on them not psl I love the product and the people shout out to vision hes great and always there to lend a hand no matter the issue but psl is all the...
  8. workoutfanatic

    P.S.L. Euro-Pharmacies Anavar "hplc testing" (Thank you ManCal70)

    That's why I love psl the back what they say and vision is the man he does all he can to help the customer and psl has the best service ever and the best quality products I'm a customer for the life because of all my lab results and the quality of psl as a whole there 10 out of 10 yea there...
  9. workoutfanatic


    Awesome bro psl is the way to go idk what some guys deals with them is but they are great over 3 years I've ordered from them and had nothing but excellent results. Shipping is great customer service is awesome and my bloodwork is off the charts everytime exactly where it needs to be you...
  10. workoutfanatic

    PSL package stopped updating

    Bro Psl is the way to go all the way around I've ordered alot and have bloodwork but I'm goin tell ya everyone shipping wise like USPS is being super carful with that damn china virus going around its slowed everything down but I've been using psl for years there great and will do whatever they...
  11. workoutfanatic

    New PSL videos Youtube & Instagram

    Check out my New Videos on youtube relating to my cycle some aas and sarms also new materials coming with new products. Psl Sponsored Athlete YouTube: workoutfanatic Dont forget to subscribe & like Instagram: workoutfanatic2019 Dont forget to like Shout out to vision and the whole psl team...
  12. workoutfanatic

    Big thanks to vision and PSL

    Posted 2 new videos on youtube of my cycle reviews and test tren I'm Injection dont forget to check them out thanks Newest video Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  13. workoutfanatic

    Big thanks to vision and PSL

    Glad to see PSL took care of another brother hope your cycle runs great there a great company I've been dealing with them for years vision is the best in everyway hes honest and takes care of what he says so does everyone at PSL there the best. Checkout my YouTube channel Workoutfanatic...
  14. workoutfanatic

    🎄🎄Get north swole and sleigh your gains🎄🎄 10% - 20% - 23% OFF

    This is just one more reason I love PSL they truly put the customer first always in this case by giving awesome discounts to customers and i know many people are like myself and every little bit saved helps most definitely this time of year with everything else we have to buy this time of year...
  15. workoutfanatic

    PSL Is Awesome Thanks Again Vision

    I also did another short leg press video it's well over 900lls 3sets 9reps on youtube Username is workout Fanatic And Instagram is workoutfanatic2019 Here's a link to my new youtube video Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  16. workoutfanatic

    PSL Is Awesome Thanks Again Vision

    Thanks I gained about 18lbs of muscle I cant wait to see what I look like in 3 more months that will be a full 6 months and I've upped my cycle so I'm looking forward to this Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  17. workoutfanatic

    TD pics

    That's what I like to see man psl all the way Euro-pharmacies is absolutely great and vision is awesome you cant go wrong with them the product is high quality and they have awesome customer service glad another order came thru I always love when my order comes in it's like christmas morning and...
  18. workoutfanatic

    New Member

    Welcome to evo if your looking for good quality supplies psl is the way to go I've been buying from them for years they are top notch awesome prices and vision there rep. Is awesome they have the best prices customer service and the absolute best product quality I have seen in decades but look...
  19. workoutfanatic

    PSL Is Awesome Thanks Again Vision

    Honestly that is my results from a cycle of PSL test 250 & tren 150 blend twice weekly with 25mg winny x3 daily eating right everyday and keeping track of everything but I am also on trt 200mg of test c so that bumped me up on my test and I did start the trt half way thru which helped but the...
  20. workoutfanatic

    PSL Is Awesome Thanks Again Vision

    Yea some crazy person hit a poll somewhere and internet was down till this morning but I had 4g but couldn't use my video editing software. Here's my Instagram link