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  1. Redbird51

    Rat. Piece of S**T

    This is one of my favorite clips! Reporter just poked a bear! Dumb ass repoter
  2. Redbird51

    10 weeks completely off

    Well done man! Way to maintain and gain!
  3. Redbird51

    Yarishna 4 weeks out

    Wow! Those thighs and calves! Huge and defined. What a beautiful woman
  4. Redbird51

    Heart attack

    Glad to hear your on the mend! Keep taking care of yourself bro!
  5. Redbird51

    Fully Sponsored Bulk Cycle By Muscle Shop

    This is an awesome log man! Very motivational! 58 and your still grinding. Love it, keep kicking ass bro
  6. Redbird51

    Heart attack

    Yo, Koolio! How are you doing man?
  7. Redbird51

    Heart attack

    Glad your still with us man!! Take good care of yourself!
  8. Redbird51

    Egg Prices

    We raise laying chickens and meat chickens. We are pasture raised,no antibiotics, no hormones and organic fed. We are selling eggs for $3.50.
  9. Redbird51

    Fuck the healthcare system

    Prayers for peace and some understanding for you and your family! I’m so sorry
  10. Redbird51

    Heart attack

    Koolio! How are you doing partner?
  11. Redbird51

    Heart attack

    Man! Hang in there dude! We are all cheering you on. Tough times but you’ll be good as new soon.
  12. Redbird51

    Heart attack

    Dang man! Hang in there! Still praying for you!
  13. Redbird51

    Heart attack

    Sounds like your doing better. That’s a blessing! The cardiologist wants to put in a a defibrillater if I’m not over 30% ejection fraction in a few weeks. I feel great, and think I’m way over 30% now but we wil see. I’m not supposed to lift over 20 pounds, so not lifting has me shrinking, I...
  14. Redbird51

    Heart attack

    Yip entresto, eliquis, water pills, aspirin. Lol. Glad your better man. As soon as my cardiologist clears me I’m going back on TRT. No more heavy cycles for me, maybe test and npp here and there. Will see.
  15. Redbird51

    Heart attack

    Prayers for you man! I was just diagnosed w chronic and acute heart failure. I’m at 15% heart efficiency 3 months ago. Hoping to improve at next check up. Shit is scary as hell! I feel for ya dude. I don’t blame it on gear at all, but who knows. I was a solid 270 now I’m 235. I gotta get...
  16. Redbird51

    Won't stop till we're legend! UncleZ Log!!

    Damn dude, you did that in a little over a year!? Increadable!
  17. Redbird51

    Big G’s (Show Me Muscle) Log

    Well done dude! Impressive
  18. Redbird51


    RIP GGG! He was a good dude
  19. Redbird51

    Monstro Portugal Pro 2022

    Looking good bro! Glad your doing good!
  20. Redbird51

    Glyophosate found in 80% of US urine samples!

    There is a product called 2-4D, it’s a great broadleaf weed killer and some high potency vinegar for the grass. 2-4D won’t hurt grass.