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  1. ranman32566

    Leo & Longevity UPDATE & Tony Huge Gone FOREVER

    He was banned from UTUBE because of the massage video with a happy ending.
  2. ranman32566

    Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine

    Hey...does one of our sponsors have one or both of these for covid?
  3. ranman32566

    ZPHC Re-Stock

    Viagra(Deigra 100) has been out for a long time..will we see this soon?
  4. ranman32566

    Balkan Pharma Clenbuterol

    i only use 1 tab(40mcg) a day
  5. ranman32566

    Balkan Pharma Clenbuterol

    I'm on it now...GTG. Setting up another order as we speak:winkfinger:
  6. ranman32566

    Side chicks

    I would sell the house and split the equity. go rent and live the life you want!!
  7. ranman32566

    Sexual health items

    I just re ordered today...was looking for viagra...thanks, you guye are the best
  8. ranman32566

    Sexual health items

    When will these items be re stocked. they have been out way too long
  9. ranman32566

    Viagra source

    The source i use on here has been out for a long time. seems like nobody can keep this in stock
  10. ranman32566

    What you think about this first cycle?

    HCG is not needed during your cycle..use it after cycle for two weeks....Me personally have never used it and have used gear for 25+ years
  11. ranman32566


    looks like i'll place a small order to test the water
  12. ranman32566

    Where's Olympus??

    Last time I checked they were having the Laor Day Sale...How long will they be off the board?
  13. ranman32566

    Dennis James and team menace

    It is legit FDA HGH and lots of slin
  14. ranman32566

    Who is this guy Sil that claims he was a MOD here

    He's on ironmagazine
  15. ranman32566

    clean and clear test e labs

    That's why people do labs...keeps the source honest... mk..sorry to hear about this
  16. ranman32566

    Scared the SHIT out of myself

    More bullshit broscience..NEVER ASPIRATED 1 TIME All the TRT people out there....Has the DR ever done this while giving you your monthly shot....NO
  17. ranman32566

    Wondering if this EQ is actually test

    YES...Your EQ is actually Test. The easy way to tell if its eq... your RBC would be high Wow I thought we had some trust worthy suppliers here
  18. ranman32566

    Best bulking cycle

    I just came off the same exact cycle,,,Except I used a-50 as a kick start for 4 wks Keep lifting you look god(no homo)