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  1. Lyrad

    Scammer alert

    Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Lyrad

    Natty by Nature 😜

    Hahahahahah…. “Big booty hoes… Hump wit it!”
  3. Lyrad

    Natty by Nature 😜

    Yeah, you know me!
  4. Lyrad

    New guy 43 years old.

    Welcome! Lots of info here.
  5. Lyrad

    Adderall and bodybuilding with your thoughts on it ??

    Same here. I have a really good friend that is Doctor and we were talking one day and he asked me what it was like growing up with ADHD and I said “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had it” and he was shocked because he assumed I knew I had it. I’ve been taking 40mg daily since and I don’t notice the...
  6. Lyrad

    Birth Control going OTC?

    Agreed! Can’t stand the hypocrisy. My personal thought is to legalize any and all drugs, medicines, narcotics. Let the addicts kill themselves off through overdose. And make a super strict law that says if you commit a crime while on any drug (including alcohol) you get a life sentence or death...
  7. Lyrad


    I finally got my wife on board to try semaglutide (because filling her wygovy Rx would cost us ~ $1000 per month), and she got soooo nauseous and she couldn’t keep any food or water in her without throwing up for the next 3 days. I gave he the smallest dose with plans to increase it to her Rx...
  8. Lyrad

    Any hip thrusters here?

    I’m 42 now and I am a happily married straight man. But I’ve been hit on by more men than women my entire life many times I’ve been standing next my wife. My wife just laughs and walks off. I take as a compliment and go on with my day. At least I’m someone’s “type” in this world…
  9. Lyrad

    TrT clinic can't prescribe to me anymore

    Wow folks! I just finally got my family doc to give me a Rx for a “ton” of test-cyp (1ml every other week) when my t-level is at 61ng/dl. I’ve been trying to play the game, but I’m ready to start my Rx now.
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    Newb here , wanted to introduce

    You’re in the right place
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    Did you guys see this?

    Agreed. 2 and 3 seem harsh but very reasonable to me. I agree that anyone walking around in drag should be a crime, but their punishment should only pointed fingers from people who can’t ignore them.
  12. Lyrad

    HRT script trick

    Hahhahahahaha, sooooo wrong! But true. Hate the game… Not the player…
  13. Lyrad

    Is wrestling real?

    Best dance choreography ever!!! Except… I remember when Undertaker threw Mick Foley through the top of the cage. Not sure how that could have been faked…
  14. Lyrad

    Need a source

    Not the best way to start here. Especially since you joined the forum today.
  15. Lyrad

    NBAs Shawn Kemp arrested...

    Dang. I can’t claim that I knew him, but I’ve delivered him pizza from God Fathers Pizza when I was in High School. Also, delivered to Schrempf, and Payton. Those were the good ‘ol days…
  16. Lyrad

    Think im gonna die!!!

    Those were the days….
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    The use of balloons is not a new concept. The Japanese used balloons in WW2 to drop firebombs on a few West Coast cities (In 1945, a Japanese Balloon Bomb Killed Six Americans, Five of Them Children, in Oregon) USA uses similar type “balloons” for “scientific” purposes. The Chinese are using...
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    Need syringes

    First place I always check is Amazon.
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    My thoughts exactly