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  1. WizarD.of.Oz

    New guy from Cali

  2. WizarD.of.Oz

    new guy here

    hey new guy welcome over!! :clapping:
  3. WizarD.of.Oz

    quick question about pins

    1" is good to go
  4. WizarD.of.Oz

    through a slin pin

    tren is doing very well! getting stronger and leaning out at the same time! cardio sucks, but i push thru, libido is waay up & if i don't 'medicate' at night - i'm not sleeping so i guess those are all good signs :winkfinger:
  5. WizarD.of.Oz

    through a slin pin

    ran out of 25g pins.. ..decided to try a slin pin for PSL's Tren Ace it worked flawlessly :clapping:
  6. WizarD.of.Oz

    Maximum im injection volume

    3 is the most i've ever done (glute) - when i saw the syringe, i was thinking.."oh shit!" wasn't bad though
  7. WizarD.of.Oz

    Roid plus

    g2g Ape! Being a rep for their sister company, I was kind of waiting for others to comment, so I figured I should say something finally.. Smooth transaction, no hiccups, tracking # is provided ( i asked for one & rec'd it, no questions asked ), pack arrived in less than 2 weeks, discreet...
  8. WizarD.of.Oz Review by Liquidex

    run those badBoys! Their t/a is definitely good to go
  9. WizarD.of.Oz

    Fructose triggers brain changes that lead to overeating

    no wonder i can go thru a bag of Twizzlers like nothing
  10. WizarD.of.Oz

    Roid Rage

    maybe metal legs cause rage??
  11. WizarD.of.Oz

    The Woodshed

  12. WizarD.of.Oz

    The Woodshed

    - - - Updated - - -
  13. WizarD.of.Oz

    The Woodshed

    - - - Updated - - -
  14. WizarD.of.Oz

    What did you get or do for your women today?

    agree to an extent - way too much focus on buying pricey shit. But, me & the wife are always bustin our asses for everybody else and we really are i guess it's kind of an excuse to get away and treat ourselves.
  15. WizarD.of.Oz


    yo, yo , yo! welcome!
  16. WizarD.of.Oz

    What did you get or do for your women today? the days leading up to the 14th, actually did a lil more around the house than usual; cleaned her car, picked up some things she's been mentioning (movies, ice cream,) dozen roses, dinner with view of the ocean, didn't road rage & topped it off with baby making practice ;)
  17. WizarD.of.Oz

    Buy from us and get your free product right away

    ..think he borrowed it from Ronnie Coleman
  18. WizarD.of.Oz

    Webiste reviews contest - free gear rewards !!

    regarding 'homebrewing', would it be possible for PSL to offer raws?