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    iPhone 15

    Have a 13 Pro - will wait awhile -great coverage with ATT in my area ~
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    Welcome Bioactive

    Welcome aboard ~
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    What did you inject today? 💉

    Once does it for me ~
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    Great and properly dosed - can't go wrong ~
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    Covid - Going around again!

    Signature Series Spike Support Formula add NAC plus what is listed above - need to knock out inflammation -Luck
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    Bayer testoviron flu

    I am much older than you guys and on light TRT at this point .I started reacting to my 200 mgs of test after my immune system took a hit from COVID x 2 . I tried every ester and carrier oil and they and all did the same thing. One or two days after pin I felt like crap. I finally took it back to...
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    Megan Fox Is Literally Naked By A Creek In A Drenched Cottagecore Dress

    Post these over in the x-wife or GF thread ( or here ) hundreds is fine !! lol
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    Service dog in the gym

    I love dogs -but I see these people everywhere that have the dogs and I listen to their " war " stories and just smile . They ask me if I am a vet and I just smile and say " sure " . At almost 72 years old have seen it all ( I think ? ) I got blown to shit overseas and ppl really don't want to...
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    Married dudes, how much did you spend on your wedding?

    Paid 15 K for each daughter and 5 K for my sons -also another 5 K for each honeymoon for all 4 -didn't pay for all the honeymoon $$ -but it helped - was something we wanted to do . All are still married -have 11 grandkids and 2 great grandkids -all very successful - $$$ well spent -VERY blessed...
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    Bikini Beauties

    All these gals are hot -when I look at them and see $$$ signs and lots of drama lol
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    Push50's Special Request

    Prayers sent -stay POSITIVE and maybe seek alternative cures ~
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    Hydration goal..

    I TRY to do half a gallon or I get a headache - not sure what drinking more would do ?
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    Post your Semaglutide results here

    That stack without other -I lost many pounds -
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    Actually doing TRT as prescribed by AMA

    If I go two weeks is a bit too dippy for me ~ every week for me puts me right where I need to be -but - we all respond differently
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    One Of Our Brothers is Hurting

    Sorry Tommy -hang in there -thinking of you and the family ~
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    The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners for Weight Loss

    Tried them all and they make my joints hurt and messes with my stomach -at least for me ~
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    Cialis Side Effects

    Lower dose 3 X weekly is fine for me -more gives me lower back and leg pain ~
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    Post your Semaglutide results here

    Dosing please ? Thanks
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    Weed, mushrooms, Xanax, Adderall etc, and our changing society. I cannot keep up

    You can pick or grow your own mushrooms - the problem is the dosing like stated above -Xanax is EXTREMELY addictive as is Adderall or others you listed . If you are in a state like Cally or Oregon I believe you can walk in and get mushrooms and weed . As for Xanax or addys -most any doctor will...
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    Am I retiring?

    As you get older the body wears out - the mind does not .( well - in some cases it does ) Just find another obsession and MOVE ON. I have made so many switches through the years that I forgot some of them lol. Main thing is keep smiling and enjoying life - make new memories instead of dwelling...