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    How much are you paying for gasoline?

    Why not get a job? I think the lowest paying job at my company (Amtrak) pays about $60k, that's the janitors/cleaners... there's plenty that pay $200k+ with just a highschool diploma/ged.
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    It's a good movement to incorporate, however it just doesn't work for me. It's one of the few movements you really do need assistance to get into position if you're gonna lift any significant amount of weight. I like the way I can feel it contracting the pecs and tris, but I workout alone, and...
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    Whats the best (most important) meal of the day?

    So 1170g Protein, 585g Carbs, 86g Fats. How in the fuck are you eating 1200g of protein? That would be like 10lbs of chicken breast every day! I'm 300lbs myself, and no where at all close to this.
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    Coffee: Which Type is the Healthiest?

    If dark roast, I like my beans smoked, otherwise I prefer a light roast robusta or robusta dominant blend.
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    MTREN added

    One of my favorites, usually use 2-3mg for the last 3-5wks to finish off a blast strong. It is pretty toxic, but honestly doesn't wreck my labs as hard as superdrol (@70mg) does.
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    Oral Trestolone?

    It was carried by some ph companies back around 2008.
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    TRT Question

    Stop using an AI at trt dosages unless you want to feel worse. Your e2 is at 21... you don't need an ai. I don't even like my e2 that low.
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    New NapsGear Rep

    Never heard of you and you've been a member here for 6mos just making the first post.. you're off to a bad start.
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    Next time, if you see they're not testing glucose, eat a bunch of sugar, like 100g of sugar an hour before you get your blood drawn...your total test would have been low 200's
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    Egg Prices

    I'm aware, I go through a 16oz container for breakfast everyday, but that's not what he was referring to, he was talking about farm fresh eggs
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    Mikey001 Sweepstakes

    That's when it was over the top bullshit and I started digging.
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    46 years old. Correct way of taking these?

    hCG can help with those things, but take note, it's not going to make your balls any bigger then before they atrophied, and it may not even return them to that size I'd use 500iu hCG eod, hMG at 75iu eod, 50mg clomid ed, and 100mg proviron Had my first daughter like this. Our second daughter I...
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    What did you inject today? 💉

    Today? Just half a vial of TP black tops.
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    Muscle spasms/cramps after working out

    Electrolytes, hydrate yourself. Hyper hydrate yourself
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    Egg Prices

    If they're not at least pasteurized they do not digest easier and you're only getting about half the protein from the uncooked egg vs if you'd cook it or at least pasteurize it and start the the process of denaturing the proteins to make them more digestible and bioavailable
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    Pre bed orals?

    Beat me to it 🤣
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    Egg Prices

    Price of feed has been going up as well. But if you go that route get a rooster or two to keep your hens in line. Also don't forget your cornish hens for slaughter... in 2mos they'll be fat as fuck, and with a little practice you'll be defeathering birds in 2mins then you can pressure can them...
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    Egg Prices

    I don't pay attention to any prices of anything. I look at weight and sizes but not prices. If it's on the list, or I want it, it goes in the cart. Last costco visit was around $650ish. The only price I know of in there is their huge pizza for $10.55