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    Go to cheat meals?

    Chick fil a or Taco Bell!!!
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    Payment issues

    Having the same issue rn. I’m only able to try on my phone but will try to place my order on my laptop later when I’m home.
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    VOTE for the WINNER!

    my vote will be for JRuck just cause I like his profile picture 😂
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    Sam Sulek training style

    Sam definitely has a unique style. As far as warm up and drop set etc go, he does in fact do them as well. His main philosophy is lift heavy first as you are fresh and have the most energy. Why waste you energy on multiple warm up sets for each exercise? He does his small warm up to get blood...
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    I'll give you $500 in store credit IF you...

    Shit… I meant to put 5x test Cyp not 4 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    I'll give you $500 in store credit IF you...

    This is amazing considering I’ve been building my “next cycle” and getting ready to order with y’all! Stats: Male 30 190-195lbs ~10-12%BF. 4x EP Test Cyp 200mg/ml 10ml/vial 3x EP Tren E 200mg/ml 10ml/vial 3x EP Mast E 200mg/ml 10ml/vial 1x EP Cardio Agent 20mg/tab 50 tabs 12 items = $487...
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    **Your current cycle right now **?

    12 weeks - 400 Test 300 primo Week 6 - Avavar 25mg ED Week 8 - Winstrol 25mg Anavar 50mg I’m on week 8 now. Honestly not impressed with this cycle. I’ve built good muscle and dropped fat % but size and weight has stayed the same. Only really notice the definition and growth with a pump. Hoping...
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    Anavar side effect questions

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    Anavar side effect questions

    okay so I have 4 different orals and 2ml of oil from Monster right now. If you’re serious about paying for someone’s product and sending it for testing (which I highly doubt,) I will gladly package these up and send them to you. I have no issue what so ever doing this if it means you’ll shut up...
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    Anavar side effect questions

    bro I would just admit you didn’t get these tested. If you actually did you would just post the results. We don’t care if it’s from “a faked company” or whatever you claimed at first. We just want to see them. If you can’t provide them you should honestly just pack your bags and leave.
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    Any place you can buy stuff from?

    Google where to buy steroids. I’m sure you’ll have luck.
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    packaged was ripped open completely before arriving in mail.

    Damn… hopefully the name/ship addresses didn’t have any suspicious info. Hopefully you’ve already contacted the company you bought from?
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    Anavar side effect questions

    Last day on their VAR. alls good in my 6 week 25mg/ED cycle. Midsection definitely dropped fat, veins popping like a mfer, endurance was through the roof. slight knee pain but after lowering weights on leg day, they feel better. I was planning on running their winstrol right away for 6 weeks but...
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    Skinny fat 18 year old. Should I take steroids?

    Short answer - No Long answer - No
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    Anavar side effect questions

    Hmm… when did you order this? Today is the start of week 6 on Monsters VAR. 25mg ED. Only negative is increased sweating. My knees have been pretty sore, but I’ve been going stupid hard on leg day trying to build my quads. I start monsters Winny next week so I’ll be able to compare to two side...
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    Are Cannabis Enthusiasts Shifting to Live Rosin?

    Distillate doesn’t use a solvent. Instead, they use heat to extract the cannabinoid, vaporizing it, and then condensing it back to liquid. Same process as making alcohol essentially. Live Rosin can also be made in a similar way, using a heated press or traditionally using water to extract.
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    Are Cannabis Enthusiasts Shifting to Live Rosin?

    Always been of fan of Live Rosin. Super clean and smooth for being high THC. Love that my local dispensary is getting more variety of products as well. I typically only use it once or twice a week though. Very potent and euphoric, great for recovery imo.
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    TRT Plus

    It’s definitely nice and convenient. I’ve been thinking about doing either mast or primo for my next cycle, this make pinning wayyy easier lol
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    TRT Plus

    Is this the only compound you are using? What’s your weekly dosage?
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    Sweating like a MFer

    Actually no, that’s part of the thing throwing me off. Just seems a bit abnormal compared to my past experiences. Maybe I’m just losing it finally 😅