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    Elevated heart rate on cycle

    Do you have anxiety since you started the cycle?
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    Elevated heart rate on cycle

    No. It is not normal for my heart rate to increase 30 to 40 BPM on cycle. Maybe 8-10, especially if bulking and holding a lot of carbs and water. What is the cycle?
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    Choose only one GC product.....

    Yes, the TPP / NPP / MAST P is the smart choice..... But, The TREN / MAST 300 150 mgs Tren A / 150 mgs Mast P Are . You. Fucking . Kidding . Me?
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    Steroids don't give you roid rage. That's you

    Dbol and Tren make me irritable and short tempered only if dieting. Add in low E2 and 16 weeks cutting on little to no carbs with shit sleep ... oh, FML.
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    **Your current cycle right now **?

    1mg of Adex/day would crash me hard. Why so much?
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    Anyone else feel better off-cycle?

    Since I am usually cutting while on cycle, yes... I feel better off. That's usually a product of sufficient calories and better sleep.
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    Optimal Anavar Dosaging -- Debate!

    My bloodwork shows me Var crashes my lipids hard. My limit is 25mgs / day. My bloodwork also shows that Dbol is actually fairly mild on my system. So my solution when cutting is 25mgs Var / 25 mgs Dbol 1 time a day pre-workout. Dbol keeps me filled out and energized when cutting and at 25 mgs...
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    Colon cancer??

    Absolutely nothing will lay your mind to rest unless you go get a colonoscopy. I had the same symptoms with additional blood during occasion. I thought for goddamn sure I was coming back with stage 4 rectal cancer. Turns out everything was cancer free with a couple of hemorrhoids that were...
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    175mg wk is a nice tolerable dose. 50mg / EOD. At that dose ,as long as I do not eat carbs after 6pm, my acid reflux stays tolerable, night sweats are at least manageable, and I have less incidence of going hypoglycemic throughout the day. Tren eats all carbs and burns hot. Tendency is to...
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    Anavar bloodwork

    Your markers are barely out of normal range. 30 days and they should all be closer to baseline.
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    Calvet supply?

    Yes. They worked.
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    Need some help

    Chris Rock tells the joke about his car breaking down on the highway. Whenever he would get out of his car and flag people down nobody would stop. When he got out and pushed his own car, people would stop to help push. You're standing next to your car right now waiting for help. Come back...
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    Who else thought this was inappropriate.....

    Peyton Manning would be on the sideline reviewing his TD drive before the ball even landed in his receivers hands.
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    Nation Wide TRT testosterone shortage! WTF

    Build back better.
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    Castor Oil

    Have never used Castor oil like that. I have sniffed the farts of my 2-stroke dirt bike that I use castor oil to pre-mix with gasoline. It smells amazing. Blendzall Green Label. Sorry I don't have a more important contribution.
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    Zac Efron...

    He looks solid, but HE-MAN should be taller than 5'8"
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    My experience with Mast, DHB and AI usage

    Most people never get bloods. Others tend to only get blood work when they feel like shit. It's like, "Okay, something is fucked up, let's go get bloods done." I also say to go get blood work when you are mid cycle and feel great. That way you have a baseline of where to get back to. Point...
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    You're all spoiled...

    SB Labs have set a high standard of service that rivals Amazon Prime. Communication is lightning, products look good, shipping is on point. The tracking number within 24 hours is a game changer. There's a lot of good sources on here to choose from but right now SB is taking the service side to...
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    Tell me about Test Prop…has it changed

    lol.. Things have changed since Denkall T-400. Most gear is very painless these days.
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    Is cutting on cycle a waste?

    I haven't done a "Bulking" cycle in years. I typically only use when I cut. Way more energy, more fullness, more vascularity, hold on to more muscle. The results are night and day different. If it's a waste of time.... It's my favorite waste of time.