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  1. tedtest

    What to add?if anything

    I do as my estrogen was in high 50's.1mg of arimidex was too much but .5 was sweetspot.i was running 200mg wk also.
  2. tedtest

    Just ordered test e

    Long time member,but haven't ordered since pretty much when MLG went out...I wish they wouldn't have gone away.I hope Monster does me good.:D
  3. tedtest

    Blood work for pharmacom test E

    Drink more water.looks like you are little deydrated
  4. tedtest

    Red Lion Pharma

    I just PM'd you a nude selfie;)
  5. tedtest

    Red Lion Pharma

    What's their email to contact them?
  6. tedtest

    body aches like got flu

    The day after my injection and a few after my body aches and no energy. I'm using an Olympus jug of Test E.I hate it cause I can't lift after for like 3 to 4 days. I'm laid off right now and this is only stuff I have. I'm just using 1cc a week for TRT. Someone said it might be Eo reaction but I...
  7. tedtest

    Base line labs

    This is happening to me also...I'm injecting once a week and the day after and a couple more days my whole body aches like bad flu like symptoms. But no nausea . I'm using an old Jug of Olympus TestE. Read somewhere that it could be EO or guiacol reaction. - - - Updated - - - This is...
  8. tedtest

    more motivation music

    Can't post link but check out from youtube "SLIPKNOT the negative one" some badass shitt
  9. tedtest

    Tired tired uggg

    I got sleep apnea so on cycle especially I will nod out at lunch and most of the time have to pull over on way home to nod out for like 10 or 15.get home and hit it then for some reason have a hard time going to sleep....
  10. tedtest

    Favorite supps that have been taken off the market

    Monster maize
  11. tedtest

    blood letting

    Every bit of info helps. Thank you Besides the mosquito and leech thing
  12. tedtest


    I can't stand CALI MUSCLE but CT is cool
  13. tedtest

    blood letting

    can you send me 2 33 gallon trash bags full to get started
  14. tedtest

    blood letting

    Yea it's a 16g
  15. tedtest

    blood letting

    Of course I will have someone there. I have never gotten lightheaded or passed out from giving blood but rather be safe
  16. tedtest

    blood letting

    To those who do their own blood letting........I have been looking online a little but confused with their terminologies sometimes. From what I got so far I will need an 18 or 16g asphereius needle and tubing.havent found where I can purchase yet .What do you guys use? I got banned from life...
  17. tedtest


    probably not for awhile man
  18. tedtest


    I'm on it. ....just put in an order for me and you.....;)hahaha
  19. tedtest


    Professional muscle still has "MLG" up as a sponsor when you click on them it gives you their contact info.....:hmm::loser:
  20. tedtest


    Professional muscle still has "MLG" up as a sponsor when you click on them it gives you their contact info.....:hmm::loser: