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    Doubletap in here! Sights: Glock 17

    If your buddy really said that about the factory glock trigger, you should probably go slap your buddy accross the mouth, lol..
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    AUCTION / Summer Shredder / 40ml Primo, 20ml Tren, 200 Var and 200 Winny

    Thank you... Dannie, clear your PMs please!!
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    Mast E

    I have...I also sent a piss sample to Accutrace when I was using that brand and the results came back positive for the metabolite.. Overall results/gains where great, would absolutely use it again...
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    Amps to vials??

    A filter needle is only for drawing up, not for pushing any oil back through it.. so yes, to answer your question, here is what I do with amps, might be a little overkill but I'd rather be safe then sorry...just because you might not see a small piece of glass doesn't mean there's not one...
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    Amps to vials??

    If you're going to do this, use a filter needle to draw up the contents of the amp/s
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    What to use for my brothers woman.

    Ostarine (mk-2866)
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    Gyno surgery

    I usually run Mast around 300mg/week, that usually keeps my E2 in the mid 20s where I feel best..I've ran mast as high as 900mg before, but like other compounds higher doesn't always equal better results.. I've been scripted Aromasin for years now. I've used A-dex in the past, but Aromasin...
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    Gyno surgery

    I had it done roughly 4 years ago, extremely happy with the results even this far after. I had both glands removed and had lipo on both sides to contour it in. I can't even see the scars at this point.. at the time I was competing, when you get down to 3/4% bf it really shows itself in a bad...
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    Source for raloxifene

    DG.. Evista