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  1. Based_gorilla

    TrT clinic can't prescribe to me anymore

    Do you use trt nation? Just curious, I know there are at least a couple in Florida.
  2. Based_gorilla

    TrT clinic can't prescribe to me anymore

    I use trt nation and I live in Indiana. I’ve had zero problems. I refill the 30th if this month so I’ll see if I have issues.
  3. Based_gorilla

    Serious Injection Question

    I just saw the picture of it. Trash it asap. New gear. I wouldn’t let that anywhere near my ass brother
  4. Based_gorilla

    Serious Injection Question

    I believe this is called coring. Body will surround it with tissue. Possibly an abscess or cyst. Maybe get a syringe filter or new gear. I’m sure others will chime in correcting if I’m wrong.
  5. Based_gorilla

    TRT with HCG

    I agree with many above. I use hcg 250ius 2x a week. Definitely has improved mood, sex drive, and it keeps the gents swole😏. To each his own though.
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    Newbie Checking in.

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    New to forums

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    New name

  9. Based_gorilla

    What do you eat pre workout?

    1.5-2 hours prior 8 oz chicken breast 90 grams white rice 1/2 cup peas+carrots *Olive oil 14ml (if bulking) 15 minutes prior *21 grams raw honey (if extra energy needed) 2 scoops gorilla nitric+5 grams Creatine mono+250mg salt
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    New Member

    Hello brothers, Thought I’d take a sec to intro myself. Currently 74” tall and 229 pounds. Running 200 mg test c on cruise and some HCG to keep the Bois plump. Former fatty for most of my life. Turned it around after high school. Been the best decade of my life. I’m more of a muscle nerd, I...