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    SB Labs April's Special

    Onidus, check your in box please. Thank you
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    Order issue

    I apologize I believe the issue is somewhat resolved, waiting on reshipment
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    New here? Updated List Thread! SB LABS

    Updated list please
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    Order issue

    I hope I didn’t come off like that in my post that’s not what I was trying to do. Would you know the rep I should I contact? I left a DM with RThoads a few days ago.
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    Order issue

    Who do I need to email to have someone respond to my inquiry for my order I placed months ago? I went on the site and left a few emails with nothing and contacted the rep here with no answer. Is there someone else that I need to email. Thanks I’m advanced.
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    Placed order

    I don’t post much just pretty much troll for info. Placed an order with theses guys. It was absolutely painless and easy. Very quick shipping items look great. Will post on results and effectiveness of the tren and test.
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    Samson G2G

    I've used him many times, which lab did u go with?
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    The promo must go on!

    Perfect thanks
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    The promo must go on!

    I'm assuming they would be shipped after the 5th of May?
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    Please welcome our new rep

    Hey Dannie and basic can you check your pm's please thanks