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    Request a Product List Here

    List please Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Needle length, and where to find good guides for best practices on IM injections. Newbie looking to learn.

    r/steroids has a good section in the wiki about different places to inject, how many CCs max you could inject before stupid muscle damage, and where on the body those spots are located
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    I Hate Tren!

    My opinion. If you use it, don't bitch about what it fucks up for you in the long run. Health wise or relationship/career wise. If you use it, slow and steady and assess tolerance and side effects from there. Lost my job, GF, and car because of the first time I ran it as an idiot and ran it way...
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    Thoughts on Tren?

    If you want to risk any important relationships or your job, then go ahead. I was a dumbass my first run and did 400 of tren 250 of test and 400 mast. It was a bad time. Lost my job, girlfriend, and blew up the engine on my car. I've dailed it back on subsequent runs to around 200 tren 200 mast...
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    No Tren Cough???

    First time running it, so hope it lives up to the hype. Definitely liking it so far.
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    No Tren Cough???

    Lmao. I haven't gotten a lot of the insane Tren side effects except for when I'm far into a cycle and am trying to push my luck. Like week 10-12 is when the paranoia and hyper aggression FINALLY kick in. And that was running 400 tren, 400 mast, and 250 test. The boys who start the "Bunk"...
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    No Tren Cough???

    This is my second Tren cycle. The first time I used a source on another forum that was recommended by a long time member here, and then I used Flash Labs Flash Mix and I’ve also used pcom tren E. I’ve never once had Tren cough from any of these sources. Am I just insanely lucky that I am not...
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    First cycle advice and help appreciated

    I’m going to be that one guy in the thread that says you should be searching forums first before asking the “first cycle” question. There are many many people who have asked the exact same question as you and the veterans here have given answers. Granted, I was that guy at some point asking a...
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    First timer advice needed

    Check out the post that Multislacking put in this thread. That’s your guide to post cycle therapy. To kick start normal production, you need a proper post cycle therapy that sometimes includes an Aromatase Inhibitor (Aromasin/Arimidex) a SERM (Nolvadex). And HCG to stimulate your natural...
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    Last pic last week of cycle

    Fucking monster of a man. Keep grinding you actual GOAT
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    Test +SDrol or Test Tren Mast

    I was running JP’s superdrol when I ran it orally at 20mgs. Afaik it was legit gear, but you’ve been around longer, so you would know.
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    Test +SDrol or Test Tren Mast

    Hi all, I wanted to get some opinions and experiences from some of you guys on here. I’m gearing up for my first tren cycle in a couple weeks. How would you say the tren, mast, test stack compares to Test + Superdrol? I’ve ran Test + Sdrol before and it felt amazing (ran sdrol for almost...
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    What’s everyone’s cycle?

    Holy shit, enjoy the gains and the tren train.
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    What’s everyone’s cycle?

    Currently cruising on test rn. Gonna be going on cycle in mid February or early March. 250MG/wk Test 400MG/wk tren 400MG/wk Mast Let the gains continue -Nex
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    Christmas Talk

    Christmas has been good this year man. Got some more tools to work on my car. (2014 Turbocharged Scion FR-S) As far as Pcom tho. Placed an order for Test, Tren, Mast, and Asin. Response time was incredible and was shipped out pretty fast. Can't wait to post about the TD and the unboxing. Decent...
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    Injection site not doing so good

    Not to be THAT GUY. But, he’s already 4 cycles deep. Regardless of how lean he has been in the past, if he’s 4 cycles deep, he’s not going to listen to someone saying to get off of gear just because he is over what many quote to be the “optimal” bf%. Even on a cut, gear would be effective in...
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    Caber Availability

    Does monster offer Caber? I want to make sure I have it on hand for my next cycle since I’m incorporating tren.
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    What Ancillaries to run on tren?

    What would be my dosage of proviron?
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    What Ancillaries to run on tren?

    Fuck, I didn’t catch that typo. Sorry, meant prolactin.
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    What Ancillaries to run on tren?

    Aye. You do you man. It’s your health that you’re messing with, so you take things at your pace.