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  1. Futurebloodline

    Favorite Exercise and Why..??

    Hip trust 😁, naw really deadlift,
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    Does Soreness Indicate a Successful Training Session

    Great read above. I do know soreness in 40s seems to hit harder than in 20s.
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    Fish Oil vs. Krill Oil: What’s the Difference & Benefits?

    Gonna order with Sports Research. Thanks for the direction.
  4. Futurebloodline

    Fish Oil vs. Krill Oil: What’s the Difference & Benefits?

    Brand recommendations on krill and fish oil if possible
  5. Futurebloodline

    Am I just a fuckin morning person?

    Deff habit forming, confirmed. I've never had RLS from it. Hopefully moving to a more weed friendly place in the future to have access to to thc gummies in low doses.
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    Gym just got one of these… very cool

    That's a great price $1499.00 from what I'm looking at.nice
  7. Futurebloodline

    Am I just a fuckin morning person?

    Im 43 always had sleep problems, I've been on the VAs favorite lobotomy medication Quetiapine fumarate 100mg tab since 2012. I sleep solid every night since. Lately I've been quartering them trying to taper down to nothing.(worried about the long term affects of using a psychological drug to...
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    Stop thinking so much, and fucking do!

    Stop thinking so much, and fucking do!
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    Ultimate insulin protocol by Mike Arnold

    I remember around 2002 ish one of my friends came to morning formation looking like a jacked spaghetti noodle. He could barely stand, didn't seem to be drunk and we knew he wasn't. He was completely out of his mind. Everyone was on gear but he hadn't told anyone he was dabbling in insulin...
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    Nick Walker calves...

    His tiny lil feet
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    Building a Home gym

    Home Gym I have always gone to free gyms on base which I really miss now, but since getting out of the marines and going to civilian gyms with memberships and getting screwed over in 2020 with a local gym due to COVID, we decided that a home gym is best for us. I am buying mostly items from...
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    What you eating tonight?

    Butter flyed Chicken drumsticks grilled. Season rub, grilled then light coat spicy bbq honey. Grilled veggies mushrooms, squash, zucchini peppers. Fucking awesome!
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    Trt blood work where to get?

    When you guys ordered your labs through private md labs, which do you select? Trying to get my baseline. Hormone panel or Bodybuilder panel?
  14. Futurebloodline

    New guy 43 years old.

    Thanks for the add here, turned 43 this year. Always wanted to be a monster, so I will be starting again just late to the game. Served USMC grunt 0331. On deployments I was always the skinny fast guy. Long distance runner perfect 290/300 PFT guy. I always hated being skinny. I worked out alot...