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    PSL Review

    16 week cycle 300mg a week of test P with 100mg of test E a week to maintain hormorone levels throughout the week on my last 4 weeks I'll be subbing a test E for Test C to prep for pct cycle after. Working out 5 days a week resting 2.
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    PSL Review

    After a bit of research finding PSL listed as a trusted source I decided to try them out for my first cycle, I am very pleased and definitely trusting them
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    Difference between blend, propionate, undecaonate, cypionate, enanthate, and sustanon.

    Can somone explain to me the differences and effects
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    Anavar for first timer

    Thank you sir, and by test I assume you mean pure Testostorone?
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    Anavar for first timer

    So what would you recommend?
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    Anavar for first timer

    I hate needles though.. why are orals a bad Idea if I may ask?
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    Anavar for first timer

    Gain: muscle, I'm doing it for the asthetics. Stack: Just supplementing creatine, and DMAA for preworkouts nothing else
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    PositiveVibes - SB Labs Gear Log

    Does PSL check anavar purity?
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    What got everyone into training?

    My ex left me lmao
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    10 Best Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories

    Now do 10 best healthy snacks on a budget
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    New here

    Welcome homie
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    Anavar for first timer

    First time using Anavar, any recommendations as far as how much to take how long to take and cycles? 190lb male.
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    HPLC Test Results #1