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    price list

    Looking for a copy of the newest price list. Thanks
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    Use caution

    its just tianeptine, it is not some highly potent "bath salt" or hillbilly heroin or what ever trash that the fake news wants to push it as.
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    Who has quality BPC-157 tablets/capsules?

    Who has quality BPC-157 tablets/capsules? I am considering giving it a try for a knee injury.
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    Hunters laptop

    unlike libtards that have no leg to stand on, those that live in the real world do not have to resort to banning and hiding the truth to protect their agenda. That alone should be a clear example of who is in the wrong and why they are only here to divide and damage this country.
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    FREE Sample Testers Needed: Who Wants to Try SUPERDROL from Pharmacom Labs?

    Is this similar to being an oral version of mastaron? Pharmacom always has top quality products.
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    Euro-Pharmacies Test - 400mg/mL @ PSL

    I have used it a few times in the past. This time around I was getting some pip for 2 days and a lump mixing it with EQ. This went on for about 5 weeks, I did not have this issue before. Last night I thought I would warm it up for a bit using my small heater. This did the trick, zero pip and...
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    Euro-Pharmacies Test - 400mg/mL @ PSL

    I am using it now, inj every 4 days.
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    Help please for stamina and strength cycle

    I have some dbol but no tbol, would that work as a weaker substitute? Thank you both for the help
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    Testing, testing, TESOS. Is this thing on?

    Thank you so much for the opportunity. I will follow up as my wife continues with her cycle. We are now on a clean diet and have returned to our gym schedule so this should be very interesting.
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    Help please for stamina and strength cycle

    As of last night, I started the following cycle: TEST- 400.00 EQ- 200.00 I am looking for stamina and strength more than size at this point. Would Anavar work with the test and eq? This is my first experience with eq, my typical go to cycle is test and mast with anavar. I am...
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    No Minimum/Domestic Express/15-25% OFF till March 15th!!!!

    I tried to place an order for anavar last night and when i tried to check out the BIG25 coupon would not work, it said it was no longer active.
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    Testing, testing, TESOS. Is this thing on?

    This is the real deal, my wife is down to 122.8lbs. Both of us do not have the cleanest diets due to our demanding jobs, I have no doubt with a strict diet you would see incredible results. We are both amazed with how well it is doing for us. Extremely effective.
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    FREE Sample Testers Needed for Pharmacom TESOS: An Exciting NEW Fat-Loss product

    This is literally the only weight loss pill that we have ever seen that actually works. Very effective and I highly recommend.
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    Testing, testing, TESOS. Is this thing on?

    The only side effects we had were a few nights we had trouble sleeping even with ambien but we both have bad insomnia so we cut our dose down to 1/2 a tab in the mornings. No bp issues. We used 25 tabs each in total and now we are on a break for 2 weeks. Friday Me: 189.4lbs Wife: 124.9lbs I...
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    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread

    to stop the fentanyl why doesn't he just tell hunter to quit handing it out to his friends, ho's and underage girls?
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    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread
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    A Lawyer and Peptide Company Busted

    and the president of the united states son is living in luxury, using, transporting illegal drugs, having sex with minors and making illegal deals with communist countries...but that is okay.
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    250mg of test don’t feel anything

    Increase your dose by about 25mg until this happens
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    ⚡SALE SALE SALE⚡ @GYMnTONIC Supplements

    this has dmaa or is 1.3 dmaa something different?