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  1. PhyziqPhreak

    Monster HCG & Melanotan II ??

    Has anyone tried the Monster HCG and/or Melanotan II recently? Used Monster throughout this cycle and had excellent service with each order! Couldn't ask for better service. I'm coming to the end and want to get feedback on the HCG. Melanotan II has peaked my interest. Any information would...
  2. PhyziqPhreak

    HCG Source -Help Needed

    After recently ordering and getting burned, I'm hoping to solicit the information of a good source for hcg from the knowledgeable members here on the forum. I've used several sources for various things in the past but never ordered hcg until recently. I'd be grateful for any direction or...
  3. PhyziqPhreak

    PLoot down?

    PLoot got me too!
  4. PhyziqPhreak

    PLoot down?

    Hey Swolegio, Almost the exact same thing here. Ordered on the 16th, emailed several times and he always answered very quick which gave me some comfort. The last email response said it would arrive earlier this week or they would refund me. Emailed again yesterday and as you said the address...
  5. PhyziqPhreak

    Help needed. Looking for testing services!

    I've looked through the forum but didn't see another thread that addressed testing gear itself. I'm looking for a way to test quality of gear without having to test blood hormone levels. Does anyone know if its possible to get raw products tested or get the final home brewed product tested??
  6. PhyziqPhreak

    Monster Lab reviews

    Anyone who is looking for a quality supplier with the best service feel 100% confident in Monster. Heavyhitter, the Monster Lab Rep, was a great help, answering all the questions I had almost instantly!!! Heavyhitter was knowledgeable, EXTREMELY quick to respond, and went above and beyond any...
  7. PhyziqPhreak

    PurpPandaLabs order received/purity testing

    Hey guys, I recently placed and received my first order for raws from PPL. So far every step throughout the ordering process has been smooth sailing. They had quick responses when communication was needed; After submitting payment the notification of payment receipt was quick; VERY FAST...
  8. PhyziqPhreak

    ASF Member Profiles & Rep Points

    I've been on the forum for a couple of years, though I'm not always diligent in checking the latest updates. In the time I've spent on ASF I've never seen what rep points are? How/Why/What are rep points given for? Thanks in advance for any explanations and information. All the best!!
  9. PhyziqPhreak

    Small Monster TD

    How did the Monster products treat you? Top Shelf, Grade A quality?? Thanks!
  10. PhyziqPhreak

    (Results are in) RP-HPLC & SEC-HPLC analysis of Eurotropin HGH

    Thanks for the response. My intent is not to discredit. I see where my post may have come across that way, but that was not the intent. I'm just trying to be as certain as possible about the quality of a product before sending an order. If you have a few forum members that tracked their...
  11. PhyziqPhreak

    Anabolic menu?

    I was considering using them but the reason I won't is there is no feedback on them. Don't be surprised when nobody uses a source that there is no reviews on and you can't get anyone to comment on any of their products or give any experience with them. I recently got burned for over an $800...
  12. PhyziqPhreak

    (Results are in) RP-HPLC & SEC-HPLC analysis of Eurotropin HGH

    So are these results from different people. Trying to order the dates chronologically and the levels don't correlate as an increasing level. From looking at these levels what is the before and after? They all show a flag for high, is that all that is the focus here. Is there an initial test...
  13. PhyziqPhreak

    MONSTER T4?? Any recent reviews??

    Thanks brother! Prec the code!
  14. PhyziqPhreak

    Finished batch of "Nor & More"..

    Wow!! It's crystal clear, looks like it would be smooth.
  15. PhyziqPhreak

    MONSTER T4?? Any recent reviews??

    Looking at several sources for GH and T4. Any reviews of suppliers for GH and T4 would be very much appreciated. MONSTER is just one of a few options for T4 that I've been able to find. Does anyone have information on MONSTER T4? Any other sources of good T4? Thanks in advance for any...
  16. PhyziqPhreak

    Change leg routine, trouble getting them to grow

    I would like to get some feedback and opinions on training legs to add size. I have been killing myself trying to get them to grow. I've heard varying opinions on set/rep ranges, order of exercises you do. I've always done quads and hamstrings together on "Leg Day". I'm considering breaking...
  17. PhyziqPhreak

    Raw product physical properties

    Im not sure if this topic is acceptable to post, if not please remove and accept my apologies. Is there a defining characteristic to determine difference between types of raw powder. How could you distinguish between the raw power form of proviron, clomid, (anadrol), deca ??? Any...
  18. PhyziqPhreak

    Do your homework guys

    Waterboy, Rant on, agree completely. I came across your post as I've been trying to "do my homework" for a source for quality raws. You mention the "go to" sources that eventually drop off. What are some of the most reliable, best quality sources currently. I've been searching for a couple of...
  19. PhyziqPhreak

    Huge Raw

    What source for raw would you suggest?
  20. PhyziqPhreak

    Source for high quality hgh?

    Looking for a source for legit, quality hgh. Has anyone had experience with hgh from unclez or naps? Recent testing for quality confirmation? Which sources have had the most dependable quality and service? All information is appreciated. Thanks in advance for the information.:winkfinger: