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  1. boonrd

    Anavar side effect questions

    Not knocking the fact you bought one. I bought one too back when😂
  2. boonrd

    Anavar side effect questions

    Roid test kits are garbage. How does a color chart supposed to work if a lot of the pills are different colors. Maybe it would work for raw powder or orals that just have white binder but not a bright pink, blue, green or orange tabs.
  3. boonrd


    I like running Tren. I’ll usually run up to 300+mgs of ace a week if I’m running that OR up to 600mgs of enanthate. Usually just along with Test and orals. The main side I get is poor sleep quality. I can sleep but it seems like my deep sleep isn’t there. I get Night sweats. And after I’m on it...
  4. boonrd

    Deca....First time in a long time

    I havn't ran Deca since my first cycle about 9 years ago. Figured Tren was better after that so I never ran it again. Always mainly just ran Test, Tren and orals. So years later, I had ran a bunch Tren up into a powerlifting meet I decided to take a break from Tren and give Deca another shot. I...
  5. boonrd

    SB TD

    Wanted to run some Superdrol so picked up a few other things. SB products are top notch. Ive also ran their Tren, Halo, and Winstrol all legit AF.
  6. boonrd

    P Labs review with bloodwork / SB Labs are also my go to!

    Definately Agree!! I was surprised by that. That was really the sole purpose why I got the Lab so I didn't have the play the guessing game with my AI.
  7. boonrd

    P Labs review with bloodwork / SB Labs are also my go to!

    t Thank You i blacked out my name but missed that.
  8. boonrd

    P Labs review with bloodwork / SB Labs are also my go to!

    P labs has a lot of TD reviews on here but no follow up. I've made about 5 orders with them. They are a good source 750mg Sustanon /week 200mg Masteron/week .5 Arimidex / twice a week Since these labs I've also used their raloxifene and it has worked wonders at 30mg a day it has eliminated a...
  9. boonrd

    Need syringes I wouldn’t recommend getting them on Amazon they are not medical grade, they are lab grade. Like someone else said depending on where you live you can just go into Walgreens and buy them also