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    Semaglutide TD!

    Wanted to provide an update. Been so dang busy this summer. But she hit a bit of a milestone yesterday. So figured now is as good as time as any :) 6 weeks in. She did 3 weeks at .25mg and 3 at .5mg. She is down 12lbs without doing/changing anything else. 140lbs to 128lbs. She is super happy...
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    💥Tonic Research💥 at GYMnTONIC

    Girl is about to place another sema order. I am going to have to add some stuff on it 😂
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    Why don’t sponsors switch to USDT for payments?

    Yeah would love to see more options. Like LTC as it’s crazy fast normally. But is what it is. I have lost $20 once and $40 another time. I buy from CB and transfer to an external and then transfer to the sponsor. Normally it costs next to nothing to make the additional transfer/s. But one...
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    Semaglutide TD!

    Just got a TD of Semaglutide for the SO. Great packaging, SUPER fast shipping, and mixed really well. She is excited. It was kind of comical as it was her first time pinning herself, and she had to hype her self up. Even though I told her that she will hardly feel it with a slin-pin and going...
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    ⚡️ 25% off SEMAGLUTIDE SALE - 12hours only at GYMnTONIC ⚡️

    Got it all figured out. Girl placed an order (I tried to convince her to order more…. Not that she needs it, but dangit lol). Thank you!
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    ⚡️ 25% off SEMAGLUTIDE SALE - 12hours only at GYMnTONIC ⚡️

    Hey Brother! Sorry if this is a dumb question. Planning on placing an order for my girl, I assume it doesn't come with the bad water? And looks like you might be out of stock at the moment? I have never done anything with bac water before, so not even sure where to get it lol.
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    Any of y’all use chalk when benching?

    Can find liquid chalk pretty easy on Amazon. I use it. It works pretty well, or well enough. Doesn't really leave a mess so I imagine your gym shouldn't have too much of a problem with it. If they do, then it's really time to find a new gym. But to answer the question. I absolutely use chalk on...
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    FREE Sample Testers Needed: Who Wants to Try SUPERDROL from Pharmacom Labs?

    Not sure I would be the best pick as I have never ran SuperDrol, but if chosen will absolutely share my experiences, log, and provide constant updates.
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    Can Tren make you gay?

    Only have done one cycle of Tren so far. I don't feel like it made me hornier or anything (libido is already pretty high). But I HAD to go down on my girl every single damn time we had sex. Every time. Not that I didn't do it often before. But it was almost like I had to. She enjoyed it, and I...
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    Holy shit! LFG! Nice fucking haul man. Super jelly.
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    Yeah man I agree. Buy from wherever and send to a wallet. Blockchain, Exodus etc.... As once it's in a wallet like that there is nothing left to do than just send. BUT keep an eye on those fees. Last week BTC fees were crazy high and I wasn't paying attention. Ended costing me about another $40.
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    Looking for advice on test

    Fuck man. I waited till I was 40 for my first cycle. I am not saying you should wait that long. I wish I did it a few years earlier. But 21.... As others have said, my OPINION just too young. I know you have said you have been working out for 3 years religiously, but keep at it, make sure your...
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    SB Labs TD Pics and feedback

    TD!!!! Small little first order. Super freaking fast shipping. Everything was professionally packaged (as you can see). What I was very happy to see is that the pills are very well compressed. Splitting them is extremely clean, which I very much appreciate. Nothing worse when splitting and it...
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    SB Labs Guess and Win Contest 🦍

    $29,105 :)
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    New Member :)

    Appreciate it! Absolutely looking at PSL as a new source.
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    New Member :)

    Joined a few days back and figure it would be a good time to make my first post. 42 years old been lifting regularly for about 8 years. I had bursts of consistent lifting throughout my 20's but then the divorce happened (about 8 years ago, see where this is going?) and the gym ended up being my...