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    AG Touchdown Yet Again

    in what ways
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    is eo used to get it to hold?
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    I ran all azteca gear for my show and placed in the top 5 last weekend. (ripex225, var 50, mtren). Despite being in a cal deficit and cardio daily I didnt lose any muscle and was very pleased with my results. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Now running his cyp as part of my cruise
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    What are your current goals and what’s your upcoming cycle look like?

    only been on 2mg for the last week and my show is sat. Yes taking multiple liver supps. Not feeling energenic at all. At this point in my prep with a week out Im lethargic af which is why I bumped the mtren up to 2mg to see if that would offset it and i could have a great workout but it hasnt...
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    What are your current goals and what’s your upcoming cycle look like?

    1 week out from my first show after 20 years of lifting. All aztecas products. Very happy with results so far. (Ripex, Var, Mtren). I will say im so depleted i do not notice much aggression from mtren at 2mg but i do notice the cosmetic benefits. I would like to take it again during my offseason...
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    AG TD

    How you running the mtren?
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    TD and Big thank you!

    try the ripex. the added mast adds even more
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    T4 /T3

    tank tops that say built by azteca gold
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    azteca mtren?

    o ok. I have some of aztecas im about to start and was curious too kinda know what to expect at 1mg
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    azteca mtren?

    any updates on your mtren run?
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    hows the mtren going?

    hows the mtren going?
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    Faster than prime!

    curious as to why inject and oral mtren?
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    wasnt speaking to this lab specifically bro was more of a general statement
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    i got one bro thanks. I will being trying you out soon
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    whats that got to do with anything? For someone to say they are gonna reorder with a source based on the fact they simply got their order is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. If you werent a rep for this source and obviously biased would you reorder from a source just cause you got your order?
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    Shouldnt you try the gear first
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    do you do coinbase

    do you do coinbase