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    Orange tops for anti aging?

    I’m about to pull the trigger on GH for anti aging. 2IU per day is what I’m seeing. Are the orange tops what I’m needing? I see orange and gray puretropin. Reading articles they are referencing somatropin? Is that the same thing? Just don’t want to waste my money.
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    New member here looking for advice.

    That’s what I’ve been reading. Is that 2iu straight from the vial? I’ve been reading about mixing and all that. Just don’t want to mess myself up.
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    New member here looking for advice.

    Hello everyone, I was prescribed TRT therapy a year or so ago. It’s gotten really expensive going through the doctor I found online. My research for a cheaper alternative brought me here. So far I’ve found pretty much all I’ve needed for that but now I’m trying to figure out some...