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    Melanotan 2

    I used recon's last year at 250 for a week then tanned 3 times for a total of 45 minutes and was really dark
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    helped me before...great member
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    AlanDomestic.La Best Ass Contest

    I posted pick of wife hope it gets more points than all the internet post. Either way my favorite
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    I love time I had trouble paying and sent him payment and he sent it on to the sponsor he repped for class in my book
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    MILF (aka pics of your mom)

    My MILF
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    Best place to buy peptides

    Qingdao Sigma Chemical Co. is my go to
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    Who tried GLP-1 receptor agonists ? Semaglutide / Tirzepatide for weight loss ?

    Taking Semaglutide from china source. 3 weeks in and its hard to eat and never really hunger
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    Peptide Guide

    wow thanks a lot of info all in one place
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    cloudy grapeseed oil nandrolone d 200

    Did you warm the BA... i seem to get cloudy gear if i dont warm the BA before mixing it in.... just a guess
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    never used but Reddit loves them
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    Pinned Amino

    sorry cant seem to edit admin please feel free to edit please
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    Pinned Amino

    Pinned Aminos – Peptides and Amino Acids it a seller sorry not talking about injectable aminos
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    Pinned Amino

    Anyone tried them? They got some stuff I like and haven't seen elsewhere. Only reviews I'm finding is reddit. Thanks
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    How much money

    50 bucks last year. Had good luck with contests and with what I had already I got two small cycles.
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    27g x 1/2 works good with Flash and gearpro stuff atleast
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    I am sick and need some input

    Sounds like the flu I had couple weeks ago
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    Progress pic

    Beast mode!!!